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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mega Mamas and BHMs Mooning!

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Unlike those uptight young pro ana women who dress so prudishly, BBWs flaunt it. See these big butted buxom bimbos boldly brandish their bodacious bare buttocks. Fat sluts love to flaunt it!
Sexxy BBW displays crecent moon!
Classic plumber's crack. moon  behind thin cloud cover.

Crescent moon action!
Red Moon!
Crescent moon waxing or waning?
Who said the moon is made out of green cheese? It's made from cheese cake! pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON!


FishNChuck said...

xD M2, you make my fucking day.

Fat Bastard said...

I am happy we could help. ;-)

Big Lard Ass said...

Greetings, fellow fatlings.

I think that there should be a blog post about the new important thing in obesity.

Burger King's new breakfast menu! Fatlings love variety in their foods, and now this offers us an additional choice for breakfast, one of the top 10 most important meals of the day!

Fat Bastard said...

Big Lard Ass,

I will put my best people on this BK Breakfast thing. As you know I'm a Hardee's man but it is imperative that I check out BK and report to our readers. Thanks for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

If you decide to take up Teddy Bear's advice about veg- Carl's Jr/Hardee's has the best salads in fast food

Anonymous said...

I'd actually bang a couple of those chubby ones.

Fat Bastard said...

I get a lot of vegetables. I eat lots of meat and cows and chickens eat vegetables so I am getting concentrated vegetables. Plus all my food is deep fried in vegetable oil and I use a lot of ketchup.