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Is Obesity A Choice?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Lunar Eclipse: Bigger Fatter Blog Reports
Sadly, I Fat Bastard missed yesterday's lunar eclipse but I have seen it on video and it was indeed spectacular. I was eating half-moon cookies at the time so all was not lost.  I view the lunar eclipse on video and it was indeed spectacular.
Sequential moonrise during eclipse

The following video is a rudimentary explanation of what astronomical need to come together in order for a lunar eclipse to occur. Hopefull our erudite science adviser Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear may have time to give a more detailed explanation on the mechanics of lunar eclipse and perhaps our spiritual adviser the most Reverend Big Lard Ass can opine on any spiritual implication of this celestial event.

I can tell you that lunar eclipses only happen once or twice a year that much I know. Because this event is so spectacular and so rare I thought it would be a good idea to show our readers the next best thing that they can see almost any time.
A plumber's moon emerging from a pantlooned eclipse
Leanling slays charging bull shows the awesome power of the moon
This fatling only needs a 1/2 moon to tell an audience to shut the fuck up


Moon Mullens said...


Proud FA said...

I did see the eclipse. Spectacular but I would have loved to have been in Texas watching it with the erudite Dr Bear and heard his expert play by play as that celestial orb transitioned from bright, umbra, penumbra and bright again.

BLA said...

Be sure to eat plenty of moon pies next eclipse, in order to fully enjoy it. You should also have a nice big glass of whole milk with the moon pies, or even buttermilk. This ups the taste level.. to the moon!

Although for me, my power lifting is making me become a muscleling instead of a fatling, but I'm still going to become enormous again. Just this time, with muscles. (Then maybe I will be Big Muscle Ass.)


Fat Bastard said...


for me it's more about the food than the gaining and exercise does increase appetite.

A half moon Moon Pie sounds like a good thing.