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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


For those of you who are unfamiliar with HAES; it is a twisted sophistry of the old NAAFA style fat acceptance movement and it means Health At Every Size. We all know that's bullshit. HAES was started by Linda Bacon PhD and in her case PhD stands for Piled Higher and Deeper.
Linda Bacon PhD and proponent of HAES

Why is HAES bullshit?

It's really pretty simple.You can't be healthy by eating unhealthy food and you can't get fat if all you eat is healthy food. The last part needs some explaining so I will use CG Brady's Subway sandwich analogy. A footlong veggie Subway submarine sandwich contains about 500 calories. It would take four of them just to maintain 140 pounds of body weight on a sedentary woman. Fatlings are simply too lazy to do all that chewing and if they exercised as Linda Bacon suggests they would need at least five!

F.A.T.T. means Food All The Time.
Fake Food
Real Food
First, we need to use the fatling's definition of food. Most fruits and all vegetables do not fit the fatling's definition of food. To a fatling vegetables are what food eats. There are exceptions like beer, wine, corn chips and fries but in their raw and unprocessed state fruits and vegetables are not considered palatable food by most fatlings.

Food All The Time or FATT simply means to eat all the time which very much like the Grazenhiemer method with the exception that FATT is not just for gaining but it is also for maintaining. When the glutton their FSP or Food Saturation Point the are at their maintenance level. People Jennifer Portnick, Kelly Bliss and Linda Bacon erroneously refer to this as a fatling's metabolic set point but in reality, it is the FSP or Food Saturation Point.

HAES advocate Kelly Bliss
HAES advocate Jennifer Portnick
FATT advocate Fat Bastard

My advice to all you reluctant gluttons out there is to get FATT and get fat.

NOTE: FATT is pretty much like EATT or Eat All The Time aka The Grazenhiemer Method.

UPDATE! I, Fat Bastard am in negotiations with Kelly Bliss. She's the HAES and fat & fit advocate who goes on news shows and gets spanked soundly by MeMe Roth. I would love to spank MeMe Roth but that's another story. I sent Kelly Bliss the following missive:

Let's break this down into objective and irrefutable reality.

Fat people's bodies are not defying the laws of physics. Here is an example. The most weight a sedentary woman can maintain on 2000 calories a day is 140 lbs there are no genetic or metabolic glitches that can change that.I know that the diet industry prattles on about boosting one's metabolism but that is mostly a myth. The truth is the most the basal metabolic rate can vary is in individuals of the same age weight and gender is 35 calories a day. That is cold hard science and that proof is immutable.

Obese people are not healthy. If we exercise we will be less unhealthy. Caloric poisoning has many consequences. Just the toll excess weight take on the joints is devastating. Many of us have sleep apnea. Many of us have enlarged hearts and diabetes and exercise will not cure that.

Arguing that being fat is not unhealthy for most people is absurd. Fat people know that. We know it's absurd.

Bigger Fatter Blog represents the New Fat Acceptance. Our philosophy is simple. Gluttony is good. Sure it will shorten our lives significantly but quality beats quantity every time. We fatlings love food above all else and it is high time we admit and celebrate it.

It was very disheartening watching our nemesis MeMe Roth handle you and Joy Nash on Fox. She held back. I have a wicked crush on MeMe. As you probably know it's very difficult if not impossible for a really fat guy to have sex with a really fat girl. Thank Belly God for internet porn! LOL That is why women who look like MeMe appeal to a lummox like me. Also, skinny women have far lower "self-esteem"  than fat ones. That's why the are skinny. If you don't believe me just read the stuff those pro-ana women write on their blogs. The love me, Fat Bastard and they come to my blog to find balance.

You have good math skills. Here are the numbers for a sedentary woman age 30.

    * Resting (basal) metabolic rate: 1357 calories per day
    * Typical daily activities: 678 calories per day

    * Total calories burned: 2036 per day

Kelly, the fat acceptance movement need a rooster in the hen house. NAAFA is a joke. Even fat people make fun of them. You would think after 40 years they would have educated everyone by now.

You are pushing the idea that health can be achieved at ANY size. That can't even pass the giggle test. The body has weight limits.

I have challenged MeMe Roth in the next Boston Marathon. I will beat her. I have a modified Jazzy Powerchair. She'll be eating my dust and whiffing my fat man musk. AND..when I cross the finish line way before her I will turn around and lick her up and let her ride in style on my big soft belly.

Yours in fat, 

Fat Bastard


Because I don't have Kelly's permission to publish her missives to me I will only publish what I have written to here and ask the BFB readers to read between the lines and draw their own conclusions. Let is suffice to say that Miss Bliss is not ready to accept the immutable reality that all fatlings are gluttons. This denial of the obesity gluttony connection by the heavyweights in the fat acceptance movement has been the main reason why the movement has sputtered for years. The only way to liberate fatlings is to let them know that GLUTTONY IS GOOD!

Miss Bliss,

Drop the wounded fat girl act and phony moral outrage and look up the meaning of the word pathological as well as the last part of that word which is logical. Meme Roth kicked your butt and she's a friggin zealot but she's honest and factual.

Why are you denying the science? If men at 2500 calories a day the most they could weigh is about 155 pounds and if women ate 2000 a day the most they could weigh is 140. MeMe knows this scientific certainly and I think you know it as well. If you two debate again and she brings out that fact it will be game sat and match for you and the FA movement and HAES. I don't know why she hasn't checkmated your logical fallacies.

I would like to invite both you and MeMe to Bigger Fatter Blog to hash this point out once and for all. 

We need to cut through the histrionics surrounding obesity and gluttony and stick to the science. Gluttony is the cause of obesity and you and I both know it. Some people see gluttony as a moral failing but even the Bible which hates everything says that God loves fat and gluttonous people. Here is the supporting scripture that I use when people pass judgment on us fatlings.

What the Bible says about Fat People

First of all, it is important to understand that God really likes fat. So I suppose he likes fat people, too. (He's probably overweight himself.)

    All the fat is the Lord's. -- Leviticus 3:16

Even God's sword is fat (and bloody).

    The sword of the LORD is filled with blood, it is made fat with fatness. -- Isaiah 34:6

God even likes fat animals. He plans to feed people to them to make them nice and fat.

    Thus saith the Lord GOD; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field ... Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth ... And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you. -- Ezekiel 39:17-19

God makes the diligent fat. (Lazy people are always skinny.)

    The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat. -- Proverbs 13:4

God makes liberals fat, too. (I guess religious liberals should be the fattest of all.)

    The liberal soul shall be made fat. -- Proverbs 11:25

If you put your trust in God, he will make you fat.

    He that putteth his trust in the LORD shall be made fat. -- Proverbs 28:25

Being fat is is sure sign of righteousnous in the eyes of God.

    The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree ... they shall be fat and flourishing. -- Psalm 92:12-14

Yours in Fat,

Fat Bastard

Image result for Fat reverend
Reverend Burn aka Reverend Big Lard Ass Developer of EATT and the Grazenhiemer Method
NOTE: Only truly faithful fatlings are able to see the image of Big Lard Ass

We at Bigger Fatter Blog will be posting more tips and tricks on how to incorporate F.A.T.T. into your life so become a follower of Fat Bastard's Bigger Fatter Blog so that you can learn more. Special guests like Proud Plumpette, The Chef, Dr, Gerald "Teddy" Bear, Belly Boy, and the Rev Big Lard Ass with be offering their expert advice on how you can make FATT part of your life.


Jamie boyko said...

hi i cant wait for new updates kkep them comming!!!

Fat Bastard said...

Hi Jamie,

There were be a lot of different fatspo tips and tricks from our gluttony experts.

Also check January 24 thread about Jack LaLanne. It's going viral. I would love to get your comments on it.

Proud FA said...

A feed bag is always a good idea. That's a bag jam packed with goodies. Cookies and Slim Jims are great fatling feed.

Aisle Blocker said...

WOW! I just read the update. If we can get Kelly Bliss and Joy Nash on our side we will be an unstoppable flabbalanche.

I hope that these fat girls will admit that they are gluttons and be proud of that fact. You are so right Fat Bastard.... GLUTTONY IS GOOD!

I have a tip. Go to Sam's Club not only do you get more bang for the buck but they are constantly giving away free food. Sam's Club is very glutton friendly.

Andre said...

@ Fat Bastard, moi aussi je suis un homme gras et moi aussi j'ai du mal à trouver des femmes pour des activités sexuelles. Votre MeMe Roth est en effet belle et je comprends parfaitement pourquoi un gros homme aimerait tellement.

En France, l'obésité est rare, mais la nourriture n'est pas grande. La France mène le monde dans les soins médicaux, mais nous accusons un retard important dans la gourmandise et l'obésité. La plupart des femmes françaises sont maigres et beau comme vous belle Mme Roth.

Je suis un homme français qui aime la vulgarité et la gourmandise de la culture américaine.

Fat Bastard said...

@ Andre,

Thank you for your strong endorsement of America and our greedy and gluttonous culture and society. I hope that we can spread our uncouth and greedy ways to France and all of Europe.

Bon Appetite!

To our readers who are not fluent in French here is a rough translation of what Andre is saying.

@ Fat Bastard, I too am a fat man and I too have difficulty finding women for sexual activities. Your MeMe Roth is indeed lovely and I fully understand why a fat man would like her so much.

In France obesity is uncommon but great food isn't. France leads the world in medical care but we lag far behind in gluttony and obesity. Most French women are lean and beautiful like your lovely Mrs Roth. My fat loins burn for women like her.

I am one french man who loves the vulgarity and gluttony of the American culture.

Pig said...


Fat Bastard said...

Anonymous Pig said...



Right back at ya Pig!

Rotunda Hindenberg said...

Have you seen Kelly's chair yoga? LOL LOL LOL

Fat Bastard, you will never get through to people like Kelly Bliss. They are immune to facts and logic. They are unreasonable and that is why nobody takes them seriously. You Fat Bastard have been a Godsend to us fatlings. You are our savior and our messiah. Because of you we no longer feel guilty about pigging out. You have silenced the fat haters and exposed the foolishness of NAAFA. The world now is a fatter, more gluttonous and better place thanks to you and your team.

Yours in Fat,

Rotunda Hindenberg

PS. I have a tip. Aerosol cheese. It travels well and you can squirt it in your mouth.

Rontunda Hindenberg said... more thing.

You know how much fat girls like me love having gooey stuff squirted in our hungry mouths. ;-)

Yum said...

Hi, you left a comment on my blog. Ir read, simply, "EAT!".

I'd like to ask you what your goal was with posting this comment. Clearly, it wasn't to get me to eat - if that was your goal, you would have left something caring and supportive.

So please explain it to me.

Fat Bastard said...

Blogger Yum said...

Hi, you left a comment on my blog. Ir read, simply, "EAT!".

I'd like to ask you what your goal was with posting this comment. Clearly, it wasn't to get me to eat - if that was your goal, you would have left something caring and supportive.

So please explain it to me.


Dearest Yum,

Eat means eat. Food is love. Food sustains us. Food is the God of us fatlings. Telling someone to eat is like saying God bless you.

Having a name like Yum is like a prayer to the belly.


Yum is like when a someone meditates and say ohmmmmmmmmmm. See what I mean? YUUUUUUUMMMMMMM! Yum is how we fatlings talk to the belly God... YUUUUUMMMMMMM!

Woe is a me bop yum drop a rebop. Yum drop a rebop YUM!


Any questions?

Yum said...

I've given you a response to your other comment at my blog:

I'm not going to bother responding to this one.

Fat Bastard said...

Yum said...

I've given you a response to your other comment at my blog:

I'm not going to bother responding to this one.


Yum, I bet your response would be yummy. We fat boys love yum yums. YUM!

Please feel free to participate on Bigger Fatter Blog and get a good dose of fattitude. Fattitude cures anorexia and low self-esteem. Our community is staffed by experts like Proud Plumpette, Proud FA and his hot skinny fiance Thinnette, Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear, the worlds fattest boy Belly Boy, our spiritual advisor and Chaplain The Most Reverend Big Lard Ass and many others such as The Chef who is our culinary nutritionist and our cultural liaison Ghetto Kid who can bust a rhyme at any time. They are hear to help.

Brenda Buffet said...

I went to Yum's blog and those bitches are loony tunes.

Here's a FAAT tip that I use. I love Burger King. I order the largest drink they have and I refill it several time and then I refill it before I leave. I do take a little extra insulin to handle all the sugar.

Kelly Bliss is a joke. As much as I hate MeMe Roth I do like the way she shuts down that bitch.

One more quick tip. Bring a huge fat girl handbag to Golden Coral or China Buffet, sit between to other fatties and fill it up with goodies.

Anonymous said...

Yum rhymes with dumb. LOL

CG Brady said...

Hey Fat Bastard and Proud FA,

It looks like you really gave Kelly Bliss some constipation. She's a real flake. I would love to see what she wrote back to you. I could use a good laugh.

I looked at Yum's blog and you nailed. Women are all over the place. I'd like to relate an interesting story. We have an excellent therapist at our clinic who works with addicts and he also works with girls who present with ED. I think this guy could cure a rainy day. I with we had 5 more just like him. Here's the kicker. This is transgendered. I knew him when he was a she. Now he is an even bigger male chauvinist pig than you are. When he has an ED client and they start their routine he goes right for the jugular with his Irish diplomacy. Before the testosterone therapy "she" had all the issues many women have but when the testosterone therapy started the crazy shit stopped. I think that having the deep insight he has into the mind of a female is what makes him so effective. Because he's so smart he beats them ate their own games.

He also is a very handsome man and I think they are disarmed by that. He really knows how to sell sanity. You gotta get them face to face and nip there BS in the bud. Because we are publicly funded we have to get results so after we evaluate we get down to business.

You might want to tell Yum's disciples to go to a county mental health clinic. They are more interested in getting results because the more cases they can resolve the more funding the get. Also in some states they get more CEUs and the training they get is far better. Also, in most cases these people's heart's are in the right place. That counts for a lot.

Tayl. said...

This is disgusting. Get over yourself and eat healthier. Start exercising. You should be ashamed.

Bigger Fatter Chick said...

OMG so good revolution 4 an idea!! U just get 2 eat as much as U want and U R happy! No more calories countine - that just is like math class, but life is like cafeteria, not math! U get 2 eat N soshilize with UR friendz.

But i can't find 2 many guys 2 plow me so im sad, but not 2 many guys want 2 plow a 410 pounds college girl leik me! Even I get thems drunk N they still dont bang me, WTF!? LOL!!

Fat Bastard said...

@ Bigger Fatter Chick,

You think you got it tough? Fat guys never get laid unless we pay for it. Otherwise we have to view porn and beat off.

Go to Dimensions Magazine and Forum and resister there and start posting. There are thousands of guys there who love porking fat girls. I'd pork you but my belly would get in the way and if we did get together for a porking we'd probably just end up eating at an all you can eat buffet.

Don't feel bad because gluttony beats sex every time.


Bigger Fatter Chick said...

OMG I kno wat U mean its so hard these days 4 us fats ppl 2 get laid! I have 2 use prono but U can't find 2 many cratered 2 women if U only leik fat guys! I only leik 2 bang fat guys cuz thats all I like U kno?? Like a fat guy with big gut, no stick boys LOL!! If U use diff posishins U can bang a bigger girl if U got enuff wood!

Fat Bastard said...


The only way I could pork you is if my dick was over a foot long. Ghetto Boy (one of our regulars)is a man of color so there is no doubt that he's packin the meat and the heat to pork your beaver.

I just got off the phone with the Chef who is also a man of color and he's also fat but he said that he likes his ladies like his, thick and juicy and pink in the middle. He did say and I quote< "I ain't got no wood for them super sized ones, God bless em."

The only time I get laid with with a skinny woman and then she has to get on top and ride Sally ride!

Maybe you could tickle my pickle and I could eat your taco. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, FB, you got mentioned on the "Fierce Freethinking Fatties" blog recently. Good job!

Fatboy Tom said...

@ Bigger Fatter Chick

I got plenty of wood but it buried beneath 550lbs of man flesh. Maybe we could get together and you could search for it. I know once you find it you’ll really like it. My last chubby chasing girlfriend sure did and I’m going to assume that you would be no different.

Fat Bastard said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, FB, you got mentioned on the "Fierce Freethinking Fatties" blog recently. Good job!

February 5, 2011 10:17 AM
Anonymous Fatboy Tom said...

@ Bigger Fatter Chick

I got plenty of wood but it buried beneath 550lbs of man flesh. Maybe we could get together and you could search for it. I know once you find it you’ll really like it. My last chubby chasing girlfriend sure did and I’m going to assume that you would be no different.

February 5, 2011 11:58 AM

@ Anon, Thank you for the heads up and I will post a ling to Fierce Fattie and give them an oink or two here on BFB.

@ Fat Boy Tom,

I am getting more and more reports on how women are getting all wet over us fat boys. It's about time. I haven't seen it yet but the times they are a changin!

BLA said...

The reason why women prefer fat men is simple. Fat men are more effeminate, and are therefore more caring and kind than their thin counterparts.

Since they are fat and are unable to easily pursue casual sex, women don't have to worry as much about their fat man straying. Even if he does have wandering eyes, it would be too difficult for him to actually be able to follow through, since fat men are notoriously bad at the art of seduction.

Fat men also have better senses of humor, on average, compared to thin men. A strong, athletic, smart man never has to develop a sense of humor, whereas a fat man must do this in order to survive during his high school and college years, and to succeed in the workplace. He develops a good personality to overcome his fatness.

We all know that women care more about personality, loyalty, earnings power, and a sense of humor than they care about looks. Whereas men care primarily about looks, maternal instincts, and sexual fidelity. Personality barely makes it onto the top ten list, coming in at the #9 spot in between driving ability and handwriting quality.

Fat men have it all. Plus, you get a nice big fat life insurance policy on us while we're still under 40 years old, and usually there are no medial questions asked, so she knows that when you die of a massive heart attack at age 51 while eating a Belly Boy Burger while banging her, she'll collect a cool $2,000,000 and not have to worry about working as long as she invests it and just lives off of the interest. Whereas with a skinny guy, she knows she's going to have to listen to him bitching about his shit-job well into her 80s before he finally dies during a marathon, and she gets no big life insurance payout.

In short, today's women are doing the math, and have recognized that from their own perspective, they are 10 times better off going with a fat man compared to a thin man. OINK OINK OINK!



Fat Bastard said...


I think a lot depends on the woman. Multi WHORE GASMIC women really need a guy like Proud FA or Ghetto Kid to lay the dick to them. Those are the kind of women we fat boys like to see in pornos.

I know of several women who tried feeding their tubby hubbies into a an early death but often they become cardiac cripples and they don't get the big check.

A lot of fat guys get cuckolded especially if they are the type who prefer the sausage to the tongue. Anybody can lick pussy and a lot of fat girl will go with a lezzy because a rug munching bull dyke is pretty much the same as a fat boy only more masculine and a fat bull dyke can munch rug better than most fat boys.

I hope the Chef weighs in on this because he is one of those few fat guys who can not only devour the taco but he can also throw the dick and being a man of color the Chef is packing enough meat to pork any sow.

The Chef said...

Us men of color have a sayin, If you're good with the pole you ain't gotta lick the hole. When the Chef is makin sweet love to a BBW (Chef ain't got no wood for them SSBBWs God bless em)a little bit of the sticky green (for medicinal purposes only) can turn the Chef into a powerful sex machine and being a Chef and a culinary nutritionist the Chef does like to lick the clam, taste the taco, sample the sushi what ever the case may be.

Fat white boys do become bitches that's a fact and because BBWs act like such hos the be needin a good porkin and often they will turn to a man of color like the Chef.Between the Chef's prowess in the kitchen and his black momba swingin prod and free betwixt his legs BBWs come aflockin to the Chef like bees to honey.

In spite of being a bit gouty in the leg The Chef is currently porkin several BBWs whose tubby hubbies have become so impotent that they couldn't get it up if they had 50 Viagras and a crane.