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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Fat Spouse: Back With a Vengeance!

Screw You Matilda Tuesday and My Fat Spouse Forum

For a time FAT SPOUSE FORUM was off the net. We did a TOS shutdown on those wretched fat haters but now they are back and back with a vengeance. Our NAFAM operatives have been monitoring the activity there for some time now and sadly the site membership and page views have grown in leaps and bounds. The site has had nearly 4 million page views according to Google Analytics.

My Fat Spouse is a place dedicated to thinlings who are unhappy because they are married to a gluttonous fatling. It is like MeMe Roth's Wedding Gown Challenge on steroids. Thinling after thinling post there only to complain about how repulsed they are by their fat spouse and the meanest ones are the women! The husbands are slightly more tactful.

Here is a sample of what a leanling husband wrote:

I’m in a NO sex marriage and it’s not the fault of both of us. She was trim and in great shape when we first married. She gained 165 pounds in the first year of our marriage, often eating two and three servings at every meal. I totally lost interest in sex with her then, never again initiating. As shallow as it sounds, I find obesity a total turn-off. Since then, she has packed on another 145 pounds with no end in site. I don’t discuss her wight with her; it’s her choice, but I have NO interest in having sex with her ever again. I have been completely loyal otherwise, treating her with respect and providing financially, but that’s it. I’d rather be doomed to this life of celibacy than having to see her in the nude, or worse, have to pretend to be aroused by her.

And this guy is complaining?! As the Dean of Feederism I can tell you that the wife's gain was no easy task. This man's sexy sow packed on 305 pounds and she didn't even have a feeder! She did it all herself! That kind of gluttony deserves a trophy. This fool has himself a trophy fat girl sow of a wife and he's pissing and moaning about it. SHEEESH! I am a the all knowing Dean of Feederism and I have never gotten my sows to gain like that.

This whiny whiny husband should simply get too fat to pork fat girls just like Fat Bastard and join his wife in her unbridled food lust. If she needs a porking there are plenty of fat admirers who would love to pork a sow of her magnitude. Fat boys like Fat Bastard and Teddy Bear lose most of their libido so eating becomes their form of gratification.

The leanling wives there are far far worse than the husbands."I have worked for months to over come this reaction, and I cannot. I look, and cannot quell the repulsion that rises from somewhere primal within me. I am a woman, and my Obese Significant Other is a man. What is repulsed by sight is confirmed through touch. Indeed, magnified through touch. His shape, with full hips, buttocks, and thighs, large belly and ample man boobs, is more comparable to a female than a male. I have no lesbian leanings. This repugnant tactile sensation causes me to recoil. I look at his form, as he lay under the sheets, and what I see is a fat woman, not a man. When I hug him, its conjures childhood memories of my cuddling with my grandmother." Fat Feminist or Emasculated Fat Boy? Does it even matter?

Obviously this fat boy married the wrong woman. He should have married a fat man hating feminist so that when he morphed into an androgynous emasculated girlie man like our own Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear she'd have the perfect man for a fat feminist and that perfect man is a woman. This guy should never have married a leanling with high self-esteem when there are angry NAAFA dykes out their that like their men more feminine that they are.
Luckily for fat guys like Fat Bastard many skinny woman have low self-esteem and low standards. So what if he can't satisfy this lean hotling? Then lean men who are unhappy with (don't appreciate) their fat sow wives can give her the boning she needs. I have delivered the sausage to many leanling MILFs who were married to gluttons.

Look at this leaning preparing himself for a good old fashioned squashing. This hot SSBBW will make this runt of a husband feel like Hiroshima after the atomic bomb hit but he will come back for more and more and more. Then if he's lucky she will allow him to eat out her yeasty maw. Take that MY FAT SPOUSE FORUM!
This pretty pink piglet gives a thumbs down to Miss Matilda Tuesday and My Fat Spouse!
Can you imagine a more tender moment?

Give Ms Matilda Tuesday a piece of your mind HERE after you have had some pie.


Fatty Baluca said...

Proud FA you sexy thing you, I can see why you wrote this instead of Fat Bastard. I know how pissed he gets with those slime are MFS and even thinking about it could cause him to have another "cardiac event".

You definitely scored a direct hit and I hope Matilda Tuesday reads this wonderful article.

If you and Thinnette ever split up I would love it if you and I could hook up so that you could feed me and fuck me.

Atkins Dropout said...

I was on an Atkins forum when I found this wonderful blog. I tried Atkins but I actually got fatter. I did lose some weight but that was because I had horrible diarrhea from all that fat.

They were really mean to NAFAM and all he was doing was asking about the Atkins diet so he can report back to his readers.

Can you guys put me in touch with CG Brady or explain to me his weight loss plan?

Proud FA said...

@ Atkins Dropout

Welcome to Bigger Fatter Blog!

I have fed many many former dieters and I can tell you based on my experience that ex fatlings can be brutal.

Fat Bastard is currently conducting research on weight loss plans. As the Dean of Feederism I tell everyone... FAT Fattens Best! The problem with Atkins is all the protein and the animal fats. My feedees adapt to olive and corn oil the best. I do feed them creamery butter and ice cream but keeping them in fat induced ketosis give them the carb cravings so then they shoot up some insulin and I give them pie.

I read that thread and it has inspired me to write and article on indirect feeding. In it I will discuss ways to fatten up everyone in your office or work place.

Consider yourself a member of NAFAM and welcome to its safe haven on Bigger Fatter Blog.

Your hosts,

Fat Bastard, Reverend Big Lard Ass, Teddy Bear, Brenda Buffet, Thinnette and me, Proud FA the Dean of Feederism.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you NAFAM!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is discusting!

Proud FA said...

Fat Bastard's coming back and there's gonna be trouble hey la dee la Fat Bastard's coming back.

They called our Fat Bastard some horrible things hey la de la he's coming back

Better watch out for the wrath that he'll bring hey la de la He's coming back

All the fat haters are in for a scare hey la de la Fat Bastard's back.

We are even going to contact our colleague Teddy Bear hey la de la Fat Bastard's back.

Don't be fooled in to thinking Teddy Bear is not a formidable force to be reckoned with. Teddy kicked the butt of the fat hating bureaucrats in El Paso and now he his taking on science hating Bible thumper. Teddy bear has bite!

Maybe we should get those Fatkins clowns to visit My Fat Spouse. That would be cool.

Rotunda said...

I read that thread and OMG! Fat Bastard steamrollered them. What a bunch of jealous fat girls and boy were they dumb.

I will spread this throughout the entire fatosphere and if Kate Harding sink her fangs into it and her shaplings get their marching orders asses with be kicked.

Fat Bastard said...

I Fat Bastard am back from a mission. As you know this article is about the fat phobics over at My Fat Spouse but we are now being trolled by a bunch of Atkins zealots.

I Fat Bastard truly believe that fatlings are often more fat phobic than thinlings. I Fat Bastard and other fat boys experienced that from the jealous fat acceptance girls of the old fat acceptance movement. Proud FA would agree. I Fat Bastard am a BHM Big Handsome Man but when is comes to scoring chicks Proud FA beats me 100 to 1.

I'll admit it. I am not all that attracted to fat girls and I think it is because I have been rejected more often by fat girls than by skinny women and of course there are the physical problems porking problems we fat guys have with fat girls that we don't experience when we bone skinny women.

@ Rotunda,

I sure did steamroller those fat haters over on that Atkins site. Because I was getting the best of them they shut down the thread.

If Teddy Bear or BLA were there it would have been an even worse blood bath.

Atkins Rulz! said...

He didn't steamroller shit. Eat shit and DIE NAFAM!

CG Brady said...

Fat Bastard, and Proud FA,

I read that thread over at carb phobics anonymous and I must say to you Fat Bastard, "nicely done!" Your dx of ketogenic psychosis was spot on. Dr Koop got it right when he called Atkins a nightmare of a diet.

Many of my clients have come form the low carb cult and they are a mess. I won't treat them until they clear it with their MD and usually after their PCP and cardiologist scold them they are more inclined to see how they have been duped by the Atkins garbage.

There is a good thing about Atkins; a lot of very stupid people will die prematurely.

CG Brady said...

Fat Bastard,

There is really good to say about the Atkins diet so don't even look for any positives. It didn't work in 1972 and it doesn't work now. Like most diets is a scam but in the case of Atkins it is a deadly scam. Please warn your many readers.

Aisle Blocker said...

My wife was on MFS bitching about me. What a fucking cunt! I tporn think she's cheating on me but why should I care I got internet porn and Sara Lee.


Anonymous said...

Fat Bastard you are my hero.

My best friend suffered kidney failure and died because of the Atkins diet.

You clobbered those douche bags!

Proud FA said...

Atkins is the worst of the worst!

Fat fattens best. Fat is great for weight gain.