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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hip Hip OINK! Fat! So? Author Marilyn Wann Knows Fat Fashion

Marilyn Wann Knows Fatlings: Fat! So?

Fat!So? T-Shirt #2

Price: $20.00

ALL FAT!SO? TEES ON SALE -was $25 now $20!!!
The image on the t-shirt is inspired by the artwork from Marilyn Wann's book of the same name - Fat!So? The delightfully curvy & sassy woman is silk screened onto a black t-shirt in pink; hot pink; silver & white. Use the drop down menu to find out the sizes we have in stock. They are all the same price. No charging more for larger sizes!

Same colors - New hues!

 Bust   Length
XL     48"      30" 
52"       31"  3X     56"       32"4X     58"       32"  
64"       33" 
72"      36"
  82"      38"
86"      38"

OINK OINK OINK! This sexy sow not only knows how to get fat and stay fat but not only that she knows fat fashion. I love it that she offers fatlings a whopping 10X. OINK! OINK! OINK! 

Thanks to Marilyn this hefty hunny doesn't have to be naked all the time. A size 8X would fit her with room to spare.

If you are a slenderling and you need a tent, you can sleep a family of 6 in a 10X and now that she has slashed the price to 20 bucks there is not need not to buy a few.
We are hoping she comes out with a sequel and names it Fat Sow! 


Tough Love said...

Wann is a disgusting pig. is she dead yet?

Anonymous said...

I heard she has really bad diabetes and denies it's because she's fat.

Fat Bastard said...

Quit hating on that lovely wommyn. Proud FA always wanted to pork her.

Pam said...

She's beautiful. No stick skinny model could ever fill out a bed the way that one does.

Fat Bastard said...

Jolly old panniculus!