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Friday, August 19, 2011

Moooooove Over Donna Simpson and Make Room for Susanne Eman

Obese porn model Susanne Eman is saying 'Supersize Me' for real - in her bid to become the fattest woman ever. The 52-stone bombshell aims to reach a whopping 115 stone, or 1,600lb, by guzzling at least 20,000 calories a day. Susanne, 32, from Arizona, USA, hopes to pass the half-way milestone of 57 stones by the end of the year.
Weigh to go: Susanne Eman posing with her two sons, Gabriel, left, 16, and Brendin, right, 12, and their dog Sisco, 6, at their home in Casa Grande, Arizona
Weigh to go: Susanne Eman posing with her two sons, Gabriel, left, 16, and Brendin, right, 12, and their dog Sisco, 6, at their home in Casa Grande, Arizona

The single mother-of-two believes she's already overtaken former biggest mum Donna Simpson, 43, from New Jersey, who weighs 50 stones. And Susanne - who is creating a stir among fans of 'Super Size Big Beautiful Women' (SSBBWs) - plans to increase her calorie-intake to keep gaining.

‘I'd love to find out if it's humanly possible to reach a ton,’ she said. ‘A previous record holder was 1,600lbs (115 stone) , so I have to be at least that. 

Little and large: Ms Eman poses back to back with her sister Cassie, 26
Little and large: Ms Eman poses back to back with her sister Cassie, 26

‘My next goal is to be 57 stone (800lbs) by the end of the year. ‘At my current rate of growth, I should be 115 stone by age 41 or 42.’  Susanne visits the supermarket once a month with sons Gabriel, 16, and Brendin, 12, and spends up to eight hours filling six trollies. ‘It's like a full day's work,’ said Susanne, who uses a motorised scooter, but astonishingly believes she can stay healthy.

She added: ‘The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel more confident and sexy. Why shouldn't I push the limits and see how fat I can get and stay healthy?’ Susanne's bizarre mission began after she couldn't stop gaining weight naturally. 'Two years ago I hit 35 stone because I was losing my battle against weight gain,’ she said. ‘I noticed I actually started attracting more men, and it made me feel good.’ The unemployed mother - who cannot work because of her weight - claims she stays active by doing simple exercises and having regular health checks.‘I go for a waddle and do stretches and exercises every day,’ she said. 'My muscles need to hold up to my weight, so I have to stay strong.‘I take my blood pressure once a week, and every day, after I exercise, I take readings of my other vitals. I use a pulse oximeter to measure the concentration of oxygen in my blood stream.‘And I take my blood sugar levels just like a diabetic. If either of the readings go above a certain level, I'll immediately contact my doctor for advice. ‘If I was to get sick, I've arranged for my sister to take care of my kids.
Supermarket sweep: Ms Eman spends an incredible eight hours stocking up for the month
Supermarket sweep: Ms Eman spends an incredible eight hours stocking up for the month
Heavy going: Ms Eman takes regular health checks, but insists getting bigger makes her feel better
Ms Eman is too heavy to go to work
Heavy going: Ms Eman takes regular health checks, left, but insists that the bigger she gets, the better she feels
She wasn't always obese: Ms Eman aged 19 years old with her two sons, Brendin Eman, centre, and Gabriel Eman, right, in 1998
She wasn't always obese: Ms Eman aged 19 with her two sons, Brendin, centre, and Gabriel, right, in 1998

‘I haven't gone near the danger zones yet though.’ Despite warnings from her doctor that her bizarre experiment could kill her, Susanne insists she wants to break the record.

Dr Patrick Flite said: ‘She's really playing Russian roulette with her life with this goal. There are well-documented complications that come with morbid obesity. ‘I would never encourage anyone to be doing what Susanne is doing.’ Dr Flite said Susanne's medical checks showed no current problems, adding: ‘She's capable of making her own decisions.  I don't see any psychiatric problems or anything else wrong.’

But Susanne admitted she's taken steps to protect her children in the future. ‘The boys do notice my diet and that I eat more each day,’ she said. ‘I tell them that everybody likes different things. If I'm making something fatty and they want something healthy, then I make us different meals.’ Susanne even acts as an online agony aunt for other potential SSBBWs.

‘I want to break the stigma that being fat is a bad thing,’ she said. ‘I remind other fat people that it is OK for them to be that way. ‘The message I want to get across is for people to accept others for who they are.’


Breakfast: 6 x eggs scrambled, cooked in butter 468 cals. 1/2 pound bacon 1,168 cals, 4 x potatoes as hash browns 672 cals, 6 x pieces toast with butter 600 cals, 32 ounce cream shake 1,160 cals. Snacking 1 x bag of animal cookies 1,950 cals, 2litre bottle of soft drink 800 cals, 1 x 10.5 ounce bag of barbecue flavour crisps 1,650 cals, 3 x ham and cheese sandwiches 1,576 cals.
Lunch: 3 x beef, bean and green chilli burritos with 1 x cup of sour cream 1,453 cals. Salad (1 head lettuce, 1 cup cherry tomatoes, 1 cup carrots, 1 cucumber, 1/2 cup ranch dressing, bacon bits, 1 cup crumbled cheese, 1 cup chicken 1,479 cals.
Dinner: 12 x filled tacos + 1 x cup sour cream 4,906 cals, 2litre bottle of soda 800 cals, Dessert 8 x scoops vanilla ice cream 2,080 cals, 1 x small pan of brownies 1,200 cals.

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El said...


Teddy Bear said...

Hey El!!!


You might as well, because with your attitude, you'll never get a woman.

No self respecting woman would ever go out with a creep like you.

You'll never have anyone, except Mrs. Fist and her five daughters!

Teddy Bear said...

OK El:

I clicked on your link and saw that you have two blogs.

God Is Hate and God Is Pain.

Yes, I agree that the God in the BUY-BULL is certainly evil.

He advocates slavery, he advocates torture, he advocates child abuse and even the murder of children, and he even advocates rape.

When I was 17 years old, I was beaten and raped by an older man. This was back in April 1969 and when I was seeking some kind of psychological counseling, non was forth coming. The shrinks only prescribed tranquilizers and sent me home.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s nobody believed that a guy could get raped.

But I see some hypocrisy on your part, because you seem to hate fat people.

That's just as bad as God's hate toward humanity.

Did you know that a large percentage of fat people were molested and sexually abused as children?

Many of us fat people have had really bad lives while growing up.

That's probably why many of us turn to food for comfort.

I say, let this lady be.

If she takes comfort in food, and if she says that the fatter she becomes, the better she feels, and the happier she is, then just let her be.


BELLY BOY said...

I would also like to add something to this discussion: OINK!

The fatter you get, the smarter and more creative you get. It's a basic scientific fact. Skinny people are worth less because they weigh less. This is a fact.

The only way to spiritual enlightenment is through physical enheaveyingment. Beligod puts the heavy in heaven. That's why in Faedari it is called heavyn.

Fat Bastard said...


Once again America leads! We now have the two fattest women in the world.. OINK!

Teddy, I don't think Ms Eman is eating out of depression. I think she is a true fat patriot. She is adding to America's collect BMI. OINK! Proud FA and I would love to see her and Donna Simpson in a pie eating contest.

El, that was a poor choice of words. Susanne may have that fat girl musk because she's hygienically challenged and but I would not call her a filthy pig. Come on man show some respect.

@ Belly Boy,


I agree. In some cases getting really fat can lower your IQ but the fact that we exercise our brains rather than our bodies makes us smart and the brain is fat. I think is was neuro-scientist Paul Campos who proposed that because the brain in mostly fat other parts of the body that are fat start acting like brain tissue. Look how smart Teddy Bear is. He could easily test out of many subjects and earn multiple PhDs.

Gluttony is Godly. Food is love. EAT and pay homage to the belly and our hunger for the spiritual nourishment that only food can quell.

Let's all bow our heads.

Bless us, Oh Lard Lord,
and these thy gifts which
we are about to receive from thy bounty to our bellies. OINK!

Fat Bastard said...

@ Teddy,

I read El blogs too and I like them. I am not sure if he will ever be a fatling but I do hope that we can make him an FA. Like you he too may have been a victim of the cruel and hateful Bible god and need to know the Beligod if not through gluttony but by proxy. Beligod does not judge.

The Christards are always saying "judge not lest ye be judged" fuck that shit. Their own sick God is a judgmental prick who creates sick predators to rape children and then judges those damaged children because they become gluttons. Beligod wants us to be happy and if we die sooner due to our gluttony we just get to be with him sooner.

When Donna Simpson, Susan Eman and Belly Boy go to heavyn and are free of gravity he will be pleased and he will feed them delicious manna in flavors that our earthly tongues cannot register. Eternal gluttonous bliss awaits all us fatling accept fat and skinny Christards, baby raping Muslimes but everyone else fat or skinny goes to Heavyn.

We will be greeted with a chorus of harmonious oinks. We will all have a common language much like Pig Latin.

Haevyn is far above the Christian heaven and we will sit on the edge of creation and drop giant turds on them because in Heavyn we still have the pleasure of taking a good healthy shit but like dog and cats we won't have to wipe so we won't need really long arms.

Rotunda Hindenburh said...


5 very enthusiatic OINKS!