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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tough Love For Fatties
Brits hate fat!

Leave it to those big eared bad toothed Brits to come up with a way to get us fatlings to lose weight. Famous for their stiff upper lips and love caning plump bottoms of sexy women they are using their famous English fortitude on the obesity epidemic. Don't they know that Winston Churchill was a fat all and that hot little piece of ass Princess Diana could have also been called the Princess of "York" because she was a bulimic. Even though she was a puker I still would have like to have boned her.
Thankfully most weight loss internet forums have little or no effect on obesity but tragically the TOUGH LOVE FORUM on Calories Per Hour is having a devastating effect on the dieter who go there. These people are losing fat and fattitude faster than Belly Boy can eat a pepperoni pizza.

AVOID THE TOUGH LOVE FORUM unless you want to get skinny never to be fat again. BUT... for those fatlings who for medical reasons need to lose weight the fat unfriendly  TOUGH LOVE FORUM will devastate your fat and fattitude
Click HERE if you need some tough love.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fat Bastard said...

I will be letting this post stand and I will be contacting Mr Brady.

So far I can find no HAVC engineers in Jacksonville NC, but if and when I do I will contact them.

I have contacted the commandant at the Marine Base there and have asked them if there is a an engineer there or of there is an engineer there with that name.

Google will give the the IP of the person who made this post and I will turn it over to Mr Brady should he exist. If he is a Marine all i can say to the coward who left this post is God help you.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Fat Bastard! Marines travel in packs. LOL!

He looks like a former Marine.

Fat Bastard said...

On the advice of legal counsel the first comment was removed. I, Fat Bastard rarely censor but I will remove libelous statements. The statement has been archived so that if the injured party wishes to to pursue legal or criminal action against the perpetrator he/she can do so.

My readers are tracking down the perp and it should not be long before they locate him/her.

I think it is important to zero in on the type of sick and twisted mind that would make such statements. We all know that there are a many sick and delusional man hating fat girls in the fatosphere but there is a sicker element than them. I refer to the hard core feeder. One of the biggest blemishes on the fat acceptance movement and one of the reasons most fat people reject the current movement are the sick predators withing the movement called Feeders/Fat Admirers. The conduct of these mostly male members of the movement is sick and criminal. Feederism is a cult within a cult and they have 100 rules for feederism. Here are a few of their 100 rules.

89. WG, while inevitably pleasurable, is also the world's most popular method of revenge

90. Law of Capsule Anonymity - All pills look exactly alike and cannot be differentiated in any way. No one will ever notice one pill having been switched with another.

95. Second Law of WG Enmity - If a woman is antagonistic towards another woman this will result in one of three outcomes: 1. The persecuted woman will grow larger than her persecutor, and best her in romance or a direct contest of weight; 2. The antagonistic woman will eat the persecuted woman; 3. Both women will grow; the persecutor at least to the point of immobilization. (and then death)

97. Feeders are better organized than the freemasons.

BELLY BOY said...

The room begins to shake. A delicate hint of vanilla and ketchup wafts under your nose.

The room shakes more. You smell body odor.

Suddenly, an enormous figure appears before you. Barely human, its two tiny arms are carrying a bucket-sized vanilla ice cream shake and a frisbee-sized burger drenched in various condiments, including the ketchup you smelled earlier.

Exhausted, the figure lands ass-first into a beanbag chair and begins greedily devouring his burger, while swigging heavily from his shake, which he sets down on the nightstand next to him along with his burger. He lights up a large cigar and injects a syringe of insulin into his thigh. After a few deep drags from his cigar, he resumes eating.


I don't like it when people attack Fat Bastard, or Big Lard Ass. They are American heroes who eat Italian heroes (and meatball subs.) The only engineering Fat Bastard does is engineering some feeding sessions and hookups with lovely ladies of loose moral standing. As for CG Brady, he is more mysterious but he attacks fattitude and thereby causes some failings to lose their Need to Feed. He is a dubious ally of the NAFAM movement at best, though he doesn't seem to outwardly oppose our glorious eating ways.



Fat Bastard said...


I just had a frisbee sized burger and a homemade shake. I filled the blender jar with ice cream, chocolate syrup and heavy cream and let it fly. I also had some deep fried steak fries. YUM!!!!!

I have a shaky alliance with CG. After all he did reduce my fattitude enough to keep me alive. I mostly worked with him just to piss off those angry man hating fat girls.

They are pissed because I, Fat Bastard can build bridges with the anti-fat crowd. They also know that if I were to appear on a televised debate with MeMe Roth I'd spank her. MeMe always kicks their asses because they can't keep their cool when a hot slender woman like MeMe is around. I can even though I fantasize about being James Carville to her Mary Matlain. The call James Carville Corporal Cue Ball and I'm Captain Butterball.

It's pure jealousy Belly Boy. My NAFAM has millions of members and they can't handle it. Every feeder, gainer and glutton is a member of NAFAM. Heck, I have more charter members than they have members!

They are also jealous because I have a penis.