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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update on Michael Jackson

Like most Americans I was sick over the death of the King of Pop and that is why Bigger Fatter Blog covered his death. While Conrad Murray maybe chiefly responsible for the death of Michael there is a lot of other people with his blood on there hands. I am going to discuss one of many whores who added to the events that killed Michael. One of the biggest whores to exploit Michael Jackson and spread lies about him was Nancy Grace. I fucking cannot stand that bitch. It looks like that Nancy is getting some "swift justice" of her own. The bitch may have cancer and her hair is falling out. Nancy Grace is going bald! How cool is that?!
Media whore and battle ax Nancy Grace

We at Bigger Fatter Blog may have indirectly gotten some justice for Michael. I was grieving Michael's death in a phone conversation with the Chef and I was telling the Chef how angry I was about all the scumbags like Nancy Grace, Tom Sneddon, Diane Diamond ect.. ect.. ect... ect... who had a hand in killing him. Michael died of a broken heart and the daggers of people like Nancy disGrace and I wanted to see some justice. It turns out that the Chef being a man of color and a chef he has some friends in Jamaica, New Orleans and Haiti. The Chef knows several practitioner of Voodoo.

Media reports are saying that Nancy Grace does not have cancer in spite of the fact that she had a mass removed in November of 2010 and now her hair has turned to straw and it is falling out. Nancy blames it on having kids. That's bullshit. Her kids are three years old now.

Who know for sure if the Voodoo priests curse on Nancy Grace are the reason she has cancer and her hair is falling out but it is happening. Maybe there is some justice in this cruel world.

Here are a few more slime balls who helped kill this loving and gentle man.
Print out this picture and stick a pin in the face of persecutor Tom Sneddon
Burn this image of Diane Diamond



Anonymous said...

I'd like to beat the shit out of Sneddon.

Michael Fan said...

I just put a voodoo curse on Sneddon, Grace and Diamond. I also hope that Martin Bashear dies a horrible death as well. Those bastards robbed the world of a great man.

Fat Bastard said...

Michael did give us a lot of great music but Bible God kills off a lot of great people like Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Chris Farley, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Randy Rhodes, Joey Ramone, Marvin Gaye, Elvis, ect..

I'd like to see some justice. Nancy Grace may be dying or at least she is going bald.

There are a lot of scumbags responsible for Michael's death