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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


About the only thing we at the new fat acceptance have in common with the angry man hating jealous fat girls of the old fat acceptance is we both oppose weight loss surgery. We oppose it on the scientific basis that it does more harm than good while the NAAFA types oppose it because it really does make a lot of people lose weight.
Uncompromising land whale enjoying a relaxing smoke and a delicious real Dr Pepper. No deadly aspertame or Splenda for this hot and hefty hunny.

Weight Loss Surgery KILLS! Link

The greedy corporate butchers will tell your that gastric bypass has a low mortality rate but the truth is 1 in 50 ghastly bypass victims die withing the first month of surgery and the surgeon/butcher who did it still gets paid! That is like bringing your Cadillac Escalade to the repair shop for an oil change and having them destroy it beyond all repair and then asking you to pay the bill. It's BULLSHIT!

Melinda Murphy of CBS News also reports that 1 in 50 die from gastric bypass. LINK

A grieving friend of a land whale who was slayed by a surgeon's/whaler's harpoon/scalpel mournfully responds,  "One is 50 people who get gastric bypass surgery die within a month. That's a fact. I know that MDs will claim 1 in 200 and that the CDC claims 1 in 100 but the real number is 1 in 50.

I was at the funeral. I saw her grieving family. I am grieving for her too.

I need to ask why this barbaric procedure is even legal. WHY? Why is it legal or medically ethical to destroy a perfectly healthy digestive system?

Why is something so deadly allowed?

Why are fat people butchered in this barbaric manner?

Weight Loss Surgery is Self-defeating and Self-perpetuating.

Think about it. Most of the people who get WLS are married women and most of them have kids. They don't want to be fat and they presumably don't want their kids to be fat. I can respect that but herein lies the problem. Once the fatling has been butchered she will have to eat lots of fat just to maintain say 120 pounds. Sure, true hyper-gluttons like Carnie Wilson can defeat gastric banding and gastric bypass but how many run of the mill fatlings have her fattitude? DAMN FEW! Formerly fat moms will be buying more fat food and as we know, FAT FATTENS BEST.  She needs calorie dense food to maintain even a thinling body weight but her kids who still have healthy digestive systems don't need it. They will gain like one of Proud FA's gainers. Because she is a fat hater she will have her kids at the WLS slaughter house to have their digestive systems mangled.

Gastric Bypass and Why it is So Deadly

Complications of abdominal surgery alone


Infection of the incisions or of the inside of the abdomen (peritonitis, abscess) may occur, due to release of bacteria from the bowel during the operation. Nosocomial infection, such as pneumonia, bladder or kidney infections, and sepsis (bloodborne infection) are also possible. Effective short-term use of antibiotics, diligent respiratory therapy, and encouragement of activity within a few hours after surgery, can reduce the risks of infections.
Commentary from BFB's Fat Bastard: All surgery carries risk. The odd of getting an infection in a US hospital are 1 in 10. Add a surgery and that risk goes up even more. Add abdominal surgery and that risk increases even more. It gets worse. Add the fact that you are fat and you increase the risk even more. At this point the question is will you get an infection but how many.


Many blood vessels must be cut in order to divide the stomach and to move the bowel. Any of these may later begin bleeding, either into the abdomen (intra-abdominal hemorrhage), or into the bowel itself (gastrointestinal hemorrhage). Transfusions may be needed, and re-operation is sometimes necessary. Use of blood thinners, to prevent venous thromboembolic disease,  actually increase the risk of hemorrhage.

You may bleed to death!


A hernia is an abnormal opening, either within the abdomen, or through the abdominal wall muscles. An internal hernia may result from surgery, and re-arrangement of the bowel, and is mainly significant as a cause of bowel obstruction. An incisional hernia occurs when a surgical incision does not heal well; the muscles of the abdomen separate and allow protrusion of a sac-like membrane, which may contain bowel or other abdominal contents, and which can be painful and unsightly. The risk of abdominal wall hernia is markedly decreased in laparoscopic surgery.

Many good surgeons call laparoscopic surgery operating with chop sticks.

Bowel obstruction

Abdominal surgery always results in some scarring of the bowel, called adhesions. A hernia, either internal or through the abdominal wall, may also result. When bowel becomes trapped by adhesions or a hernia, it may become kinked and obstructed, sometimes many years after the original procedure. Usually an operation is necessary to correct this problem.

Venous thromboembolism

Any injury, such as a surgical operation, causes the body to increase the coagulation of the blood. Simultaneously, activity may be reduced. There is an increased probability of formation of clots in the veins of the legs, or sometimes the pelvis, particularly in the morbidly obese patient. A clot which breaks free and floats to the lungs is called a pulmonary embolus, a very dangerous occurrence. Commonly, blood thinners are administered before surgery , to reduce the probability of this type of complication.

Complications of gastric bypass

Anastomotic leakage

An anastomosis is a surgical connection between the stomach and bowel, or between two parts of the bowel. The surgeon attempts to create a water-tight connection by connecting the two organs with either staples or sutures, either of which actually makes a hole in the bowel wall. The surgeon will rely on the healing power of the body, and its ability to create a seal like a self-sealing tire, to succeed with the surgery. If that seal fails to form, for any reason, fluid from within the gastrointestinal tract can leak into the sterile abdominal cavity and give rise to infection and abscess formation. Leakage of an anastomosis can occur in about 2% of gastric bypass procedures, usually at the stomach-bowel connection. Sometimes leakage can be treated with antibiotics, and sometimes it will require immediate re-operation. It is usually safer to re-operate if an infection cannot be definitely controlled immediately.

BFB commentary from Fat Bastard


This is a fucking surgical staple! This is supposed to stop leakage!

This is where the put the fucking staples.

Anastomotic stricture

As the anastomosis heals, it forms scar tissue, which naturally tends to shrink ("contract") over time, making the opening smaller. This is called a "stricture". Usually, the passage of food through an anastomosis will keep it stretched open, but if the inflammation and healing process outpaces the stretching process, scarring may make the opening so small that even liquids can no longer pass through it. The solution is a procedure called gastroendoscopy, and stretching of the connection by inflating a balloon inside it. Sometimes this manipulation may have to be performed more than once to achieve lasting correction.

Anastomotic ulcer

Ulceration of the anastomosis occurs in 16% of patients
Dumping syndrome

Normally, the pyloric valve at the lower end of the stomach regulates the release of food into the bowel. When the Gastric Bypass patient eats a sugary food, the sugar passes rapidly into the bowel, where it gives rise to a physiological reaction called dumping syndrome. The body will flood the intestines in an attempt to dilute the sugars. An affected person may feel their heart beating rapidly and forcefully, break into a cold sweat, get a feeling of butterflies in the stomach, and may have a "sky is falling" type of anxiety. He/she usually has to lie down, and could be very uncomfortable for about 30 to 45 minutes. Diarrhea may then follow.

Weight Loss Surgery Increases Suicide and Heart Disease Risk! LINK

Stefphanie Todd MD of ABC New Medical Unit reports that WLS increases suicides. 

Weight of the Evidence

In this study, researchers examined records of 16,683 bariatric surgeries among Pennsylvania residents. They found a substantial number of excess deaths attributed to both suicide and heart disease after surgery.

The death rates appear higher in men than in women, and increase with age, especially among those over 65 years of age. As post surgery time increased, so did the death rates, with heart disease topping the list.

"This study underscores that coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in these extremely obese patients," said Dr. Anita Courcoulas, chief of minimally invasive bariatric and general surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

BFB commentary: The reasons for this is simple. Food is love and when you take way the think you love and the thing that loves you the most you will become depressed.
Food is a  glutton's true love. We don't just eat to live, we live to eat. The more we eat the happier we are. Take away a concert pianist's hands or a or a ballet dancer's legs and they too may kill themselves.

Proud FA and I can tell you that fat indeed fattens best but gluttons do not live by fat alone so if you have weight loss surgery you will never be able to get enough calories eating non fat foods to get enough calories to even sustain the metabolic needs of a thinling let alone the whopping needs of a big fat glutton. Butchered gluttons then mostly take in artery clogging saturated fats because they are the tastiest but they are also the deadliest. As a result of all that vein goo and not enough essential nutrients the patient is worse off health wise then he would be if he remained fat - much worse off!

Not having enough carbs makes you nuts. Because WLS leave not room for carbs that are over two times bulkier than fats butchered gluttons are only able to get the calories they need from fat. When that goes on for more than a few weeks the glutton will develop ketogenic psychosis. 

What Can You Do? 
The WLS butchers have a major web presence. YOU can sign up on their site and tell the truth about WLS. Here are a couple of site with forums and chat that promote the carnage that is WLS. 

Stop by these forums and leave a link to Bigger Fatter Blog and tell em Fat Bastard sent you.


Anonymous said...

One in fifty die? Too bad it's not more. People suck. Fat people suck and fat people who are dumb enough to have WLS suck the most.

Anonymous said...

You know whos sucks even more?? GOD!

Human Steamroller said...

Thank you Fat Bastard for helping to expose this deadly scam.

BLA said...

Here's my main problem with WLS - people see someone they work with or a relative who lost a lot of weight through WLS, and then they see it as the easy way out of morbid obesity. It's viewed like if you have a broken arm, ok you go to the doctor, pay them, follow their instructions, and if your arm can be fixed then they will fix it for you (unless they seriously mess up). They see obesity as just a medical disease and that WLS is the cure.

Well actually, re-routing the organs is bound to have big side effects. It's not like fixing your arm where they kinda restore it to the way it was before you broke it kinda. They're changing it forever, to a way it never was.

I would have NO problem with WLS... if it didn't introduce risks of infection, blood clots, holes ripping open inside your GI tract, dumping syndrome, etc. If all it did was make fat people into thinlings, I'd be okay with it. But it's not like that, and people treat it casually because they know others who did it. Yet, and here's the kicker - many of the WLS patients, they lose SOME of their excess weight over 2 or 3 years, but within 5 or 10 years they start GAINING again.

So then they have a messed up GI tract, plus they are still fat. If you're going to become thin or normal, you have to do it the HARD WAY. That means dropping the fattitude, going for walks, and harnessing your foodlust into other areas of life. Jared from Subway lost like 250 lbs and kept it off by walking and eating healthy sandwiches for a few years.

I lost a huge amount of weight by powerlifting, powerwalking, MMA training, boxing training, cutting sodas and fatty foods out of my diet and eating healthier foods. It's hard in the beginning, but after awhile I lost a bunch of weight and my cholesterol went way down, and my heart's health has improved a lot too according to my doctor.

For me, it's all about quality of life, and yeah that includes some good food. But it's a tradeoff- if you eat too much and get too fat, for me I'd rather moderate my gluttony and live longer.

Others, like Belly Boy, have chosen the route of unbridled gluttony. I make him Belly Boy Burgers every day again now that he has moved into his parents' garage from the hospital, which I helped him move from.

By the way, I think Belly Boy easily meets the definition of the perfect apple shaped male. He is so epic-ly huge that his legs would snap like twigs if he tried to stand up, and even an XXL Jazzy would not be able to fit him.



Rae said...

Fat Bastard, I talked a fatling friend out of WLS. She didn't want to be obese anymore, and like so many others, thought of the surgery as a quick fix instead of a dangerous last resort. She took my advice and ended up losing weight via a healthier diet and exercise. I'm so glad she didn't go through with the surgery. The idea of having the stomach/intestine hacked up and re-routed into something semi-functioning is creepy indeed.

WLS is so gruesome. Good article. By the way, is that picture with the infection that poor guy's actual gut that's rotted open? What a terrifying picture!

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Proud FA!

Fat Bastard said...

Rea and BLA make excellent points. I love BLA's illustration about the broken arm. Obesity is NOT a disease. It may cause a disease or diseases in some people. Obesity is a choice and most people think it's a good choice.

It is unethical to remove or damage a healthy organ.

Rea, I love it when someone talks a fatling out of WLS. Even if they stay fat they are much much much better off. They still get to eat all they want but more than that they get to live. Rea there is a one in fifty chance you saved that fatling's life.

To our first commentator I would say SHUT THE FUCK UP but it you want to hate someone who deserves hating and wish death on someone who deserves death (an agonizing) I would suggest you turn your hate onto a bariatric surgeon.

I will be posting a link to a couple of WLS sites that have chatrooms. Proud and I have been banned from them for speaking the truth but we still have operatives in them from a very surprising source. So far we have talked over 100 people out of this butchery so statistically we have saved 2 lives and stopped a lot of suffering.

The worst site online is They have a forum and a chatroom. The members are wackos. They are like gay Christers who don't admit they are gay. They bash us gluttonous fatlings now that they are skinny and unable to eat.

There is another one called While the lapband is safer than ghastly bypass, sleeve and stomach stapling, RNY and the DS it's still a killer and very unethical.

Please visit these sites and tell them how you feel. Go to their chatrooms and tell the truth aboy WLS.

Teddy Bear said...

I don't believe in weight loss surgery, because love being a human land whale!

And no bariatric butcher is going to harpoon me! NO WAY!

These quack doctors, I call them evil land sharks!

Fat Bastard said...


The carnage is shocking! There are about 250 million Americans who qualify for WLS. Being fat does not kill 1 in 50 people every year. If all Americans who qualified for weight loss surgery had it there would not be enough coffins or undertakers to bury the dead.

Here is what would happen. They would do what the other Nazis did in WW-2. They would burn them and when they run out of gas for the cremation ovens they will dig trenches with back hoes and bulldoze the bodies.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard.

Even if I weighed more than a thousand pounds, and was told by a doctor that I would not live more than another 6 months unless I had weight loss surgery, I still would not have the surgery.

Because I might die on the operating table, or die from complications within the first month or so.

Then again, maybe not.

But either way, I would not risk it.

I would rather live the 6 months than to risk dying sooner from the surgery.

I'd rather die fat and happy than thin and miserable.

In fact, if I weighed a thousand pound, I would try to go for two thousand pounds, a full ton and then some, just to see if I could set a new record.

And go out in a really big way.

CG Brady said...

Fat Bastard,

GREAT ARTICLE! Everything you wrote was spot on.

I think if someone had intractable gluttony I may reluctantly go along with gastric banding but even then it would be a last resort.

Teddy Bear makes a good point too.

I am so glad that you posted the links to those WLS sites. I hope your readers fuck with them until they shut them down.

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture at the top, and was totally blown away. I have seen many medical shows on the Discovery Health channel, as well as many horror films.

However, that picture scared the flipping bejeezus out of me! I mean, how could you live with your stomach being like gone like that, it's just holy $%^$#^%^#$%!

Anonymous said...

I basically had a gastric bypass in 1985 for ulcers, I weighed 104 and left at 73 lbs.! I didn't need the operation, should have sued the asshole surgeon who was teaching anatomy at the time. I have had 26 years of hell from this operation..low iron, low calcium plus I could never have children. Recently I had a anastomotic ulceration and couldn't eat for months. I have been dilated twice and am half dead from starvation. Please people don't do this, I weigh 78 lbs and am 55 years old. My life is eat like a bird and lay on the bed with a hot water bottle. Being thin is being sick. I can't eat anything I like..