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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Carnie Wilson: Fattitude PLUS!

As you know Carnie had ghastly bypass. Greedy butchers did their worst to slow her eating but through great vigilance and even more fattitude Carnie managed to eat her way back to her piggy proportions. OINK! OINK! HOORAY!! OINK! OINK! HOORAY!! OINK! OINK! HOORAY!!

I need to explain what a monumental task Carnie performed. They shrunk her stomach down to about the size of an egg and they bypasses 90% of her small intestine. I don't think that even our own Belly Boy or Teddy Bear could gain much weight back after ghastly bypass surgery. I know I couldn't. I'm sure Teddy and Belly Boy could gain back some but I doubt if they could do what Carnie has done. Sorry guys.

It's about the fattitude! Carnie has it! Carnie has enough fattitude for 1000 fat girls. All the eating strategies in the world cannot make up for the damage that a ghastly bypass surgery can do. Even a sumo wrestler would become a sad thinling is he had ghastly bypass. Carnie Wilson set a new standard in power eating.

Carnie Wilson is still being used as the poster girl for weight loss surgery.

These butchers are still using Carnie to endorse their butchery even though it was a massive FAILURE! If you want to visit their fucked up website click HERE.

These ASSHOLES even have a forum but right now its not up. Perhaps Proud and the boys have worked their magic.
Carnie after surgery -------------> Carnie NOW! WOW!

Carnie in 2010 getting back to her original weight.

Tragically Carnie is off on a Dr Oz intervention. She is working with trainers and all sorts of "experts". I suspect that Carnie is dumb like a fox. She is making a big splash about this but seeing as how all the experts like that rat bastard Dr Phil, Bob Greene and that pencil necked geek Dr Oz can't get Oprah under the obese criteria there is n NO WAY in hell that they will be able to handle the fattitude of Carnie "Carnivore" Wilson.

When Carnie got skinny for a few years people would applaud that. What's there to a applaud? Her digestive system was disabled. People should be applauding for her weight gain. That's what took all the effort!


Anonymous said...

What's so unusual about Carnie? Many people gain the weight back after WLS

Fat Bastard said...

Actually that is not true especially with the procedure Carnie had. She's special! Damn special.

Carnie's stomach is about the size of a walnut now and her small intestine is only 10% of what it was. For her or anyone else to gain back so much weight and become obese again takes real dedication.

Carnie is a glorious glutton. Her dedication is an inspiration to us all.


Anonymous said...

Carnie is a major chow hound.

I think she's a mouthy cunt. Is that the same as fattitude?

Bulimics SUCK said...

The only thing worse than a whiny fat girl is a whiny fat girl who pukes.

Those cunts are such tiresome drama queens. I wish they were in danger and would die off in huge numbers but the fact is the only ones who die are the true anorexics and even then it's about 200 a year in the US.

Chicks that puke make me want to vomit.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard:

Well actually, most people who had gastric bypass surgery will eventually gain some of the weight back.

Perhaps not all the weight they had lost as people normally do with weight loss diets, but a significant portion.

So, not even gastric bypass surgery will achieve permanent weight loss.

Yes, some do keep the weight off, but most do not.

And by the way . . . . .

Some moron has been posting something about Viagra in the archived topics.

I'm not interested in Viagra.

I like having a shrunken penis that stays limp all the time and never having erections anymore.

It makes me feel more helpless and less manly, which is what I prefer.

That's because I'm a true glutton and to me, food is much better then sex.

Also, Viagra has been known to cause loss of vision, and some other complications.

No thank you!

I'll gladly relinquish my manhood to keep my eyes. My eyeballs are more important to me than my lower balls!

I would much rather have a big belly and a small penis anytime.

Anonymous said...

Carnie is a big fat mouthy cunt. Anyone who can get fat after what she had is a pig slut glutton.

Fat Bastard said...

Teddy thanks.

I will have Proud FA track down that spammer.

The fact that the maker of Viagara allows it to in reality be sold without a prescription speaks volumes about their integrity.

A lot of us fat boys need something like Viagara and the drug pushers know this. They also know it causes side effect that are damaging and deadly. It puts more money in their greedy pockets.

I would like them to lose their lower balls.

The angry girls in the old fat acceptance think that the medical industry only is bad for fat women. The fact is they are equal opportunity exploiters and maimers. They fuck everybody. The only reason I don't mention more of how they fuck thinlings too is because this is a fat acceptance blog.

Again, thanks for the heads up.

I may monetize this blog and drug ads may appear but my readers know enough to click them so I get paid while ignoring their message. There will be food ads here and I would encourage our readers to patronize food, porn and sex toys.

Fat Bastard said...

One more thing.

Proud and I are educating potential WLS victims. The people who have had it sing it's praises in chatrooms but when you read the stuff they post about infection, dumping, malnutrition, puking, fainting, farting and a host of other issues you know how full of shot they are.

They say it's only a tool. So's a fucking crowbar but I would not wipe my ass with one.

I get pretty emotional about the carnage that is WLS. The girls in the FA movement barely even give it lip service anymore.

I had a dream last night that I was at a Chicago stockyard and there were doctors and nurses wrangling fat people and butchering fat people and ripping our their entrails. When I was a kid I worked for a summer in a slaughterhouse. I guess that is where that dream came from.

Teddy Bear said...

Good afternoon Fat Bastard.

Yeah, I hope you and Proud FA can track down the spammer who's been posting Viagra ad in your archived articles.

We don't need this bullshit.

Some of us here are gluttons, like myself, who has deliberately buried our shrunken penises under our ever-expanding bellies, and we like it that way.

I can't get it up because my belly holds it down, and I like it!

Both the Viagra and the WLS is nothing but pure unadulterated bullshit.

Yeah, they're always touting the benefits of WLS, some even saying that it's a cure for Type 2 Diabetes.

Yes, diabetes has been known to go into remission after the surgery, but eventually it comes back again worse than ever.

Nor do I believe that obesity alone cause diabetes, else how do we explain the fact that there are people of average weight or even under-weight who have Type 2 Diabetes? Eh?

So, obesity doesn't always cause diabetes. Sometimes it's the other way around, that diabetes can cause obesity, because the use of oral medications and insulin can sometimes cause weight gain, and I have known people who were never overweight before, but then, after becoming diabetic and having to use insulin, they eventually became obese.

You know, there was a time then they did pre-frontal lobotomies on mental patients and sometime it only made their condition even worse. I believe that it was after the late 1960s when they finally stopped doing pre-frontal lobotomies, thanks to the new medications that work much better.

Hopefully, Gastric Bypass Surgery will eventually go out the same way as pre-frontal lobotomies, and will no longer be done anymore.

WLS is simply a gastric lobotomy done on the digestive system.

It's all medical quackery!

Every time some quack witch-doctor tries to talk me into WLS I just simply say in response . . .


And waddle away like a big fat duck on my short fat legs!

BLA said...

Carnie is 5'3", and pre-op she weighed over 300 pounds, for a BMI of 51.5, meaning she was super morbidly obese. (Regular obese is 30, morbid is 40, and super morbid is 50+.) (I like to consider 60 to 69 to be 2X Super Morbid, etc.)

Teddy is 5'6" and last weighed in at about 400 lbs, giving him a BMI of 64.6. He can break the 70 BMI barrier at 435 lbs and become 3X Super Morbidly Obese at that point. It'd take 500 lbs for him to become 4X SMO.

Anyway, about 2 or 3 years after Carnie's WLS in 1999, she went from 300 lbs down to 150 lbs, which still put her in the overweight category but just barely, with a 26.6 BMI. (I dunno if Fat Bastard would have boned her at that weight.) She was considered a great success story and endorsed her WLS operation publicly.

By 2010, she gained back up to 218 lbs (measured by Dr. Oz on TV early 2010), I think it was about 230 lbs within a few months after that, giving her a BMI of just over 40.0, meaning she was morbidly obese. Of the 150 lbs she lost, she had regained 80 lbs over 7 or 8 years.

Also in 2010 she got her own new weight loss reality show which lasted until March, and she was hired as the celebrity endorser of Fresh Diet. While on the Fresh Diet, she lost 19 lbs, however she started her own cheesecake company and regained those 19 lbs. (I am not kidding.) So Fresh Diet fired her.

Anyway, they say that the human body adapts to WLS by stretching the stomach out more over ~3 years, and the intestines adapt to try to get more nutrients out of the food more efficiently, so over time it is often less effective than it was in the beginning. Since WLS does not affect the mental side of the equation, as the body adapts, the glutton's weight loss proves to be temporary, as in Carnie's case.

However, the surest way to bypass the bypass is by using the Grazenheimer Technique. This allows for a steady stream of calories, and it's the best way to defeat it.

Other celebrities who've had gastric bypass include Sharon Osborne, who is considering having hers reversed. She said that she wants to stay at her current weight, but deal with things from the psychological side of things, rather than the physical limitation of a smaller stomach (and the negatives that go along with it, such as poor nutrition, dumping syndrome, etc.)

The 2005-09 Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis underwent WLS in 2002 and nearly died after 30 hours of undiagnosed internal bleeding, going into a coma and he was given his last rites, but he survived. He rushed into the WLS without the recommended 6 weeks of pre-op prep, so his lawsuit against the doctors failed.

He is believed to have gotten the surgery because he felt that his morbid obesity would prevent him from getting a good head coaching position, which ultimately it did not since he got to coach Notre Dame. His top weight was 350 lbs.



Fat Bastard said...

The best "boner pill" out there is CG Brady's weight loss method. I have to really work at staying fat now and I get boners all the time. I also enjoy food even more. It's a win win situation for me. I get to eat and fuck or wack-off.

WLS is shit and the surgeons that do it are shit. It is against medical ethics. Damaging of removing a healthy organ in simply wrong. Let's say that it was marginally effective it would still be unethical. Maybe if it were safe I'd may have considered it when they offered it but it cannot be safe.

Carnie Wilson looks like hell now. She'd have been far better off fat and intact rather than almost as fat and all chopped up inside.

Anonymous said...

Carnie is no talent pig cunt who was lucky enough to have rich parents. I'd like to punch her fat face.

BLA said...

Instead of saying "QUACK" over and over while waddling like a penguin, you should consider telling the doctors that you are a hardcore gainer. If you keep saying quack they may put you in a mental institution and give you electroshock therapy, or insulin shock therapy, and also they get to make 100% of your medical choices for you, including WLS. That is happened to Brenda, my ex-wife, after she went crazy from me divorcing her for sleeping around.

@Fat Bastard
Viagra is only legally available with a prescription in the USA. People sell it illegally without a prescription.


Britain's Fattest Teen, Georgia Davis, has regained the 204 pounds she lost and added a few more pounds. This 5'6" teenager now weighs 460 lbs after 16 months of graduating from fat camp. At 17 years old, she is an elite power gainer, almost Belly Boy-like in her gaining capacity. She has Type 2 diabetes, and is projected by doctors to probably not make it to the age of 20.

Also, Belly Boy has moved to his Uncle's estate. His uncle is very rich, and is going to take care of Belly Boy from now on. Uncle Doc is a doctor and has cleared out the garage of his guest house and made it into living quarters for Belly Boy, complete with an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, a Macbook Pro laptop (aka bellytop), a fridge, and Uncle Doc's kids' nanny will also check in on him from time to time, and his butler/manservant will prepare his meals and handle washing/cleaning and bedpan emptying duty, as well as getting a monthly bonus of $5k for dealing with it.

The house is just 18 miles from the hospital, which has a bariatric unit in case Belly Boy needs it. Uncle Doc is a bariatric cardiac surgeon, so he doesn't do WLS, which he said Belly Boy would have a +90% chance of dying on the operating table if they tried it, so they cannot take the risk even if he wanted to.

Unfortunately Uncle Doc lives in California, so in all likelihood I will never see Belly Boy ever again. Belly Boy has taken out a life insurance policy for $5 million, from a stupid company that doesn't check your weight etc if you're under 40, and he said that I will get $2 million if I pay the premiums, and $2 million will go to his parents, and $1 million will go to Uncle Doc, the butler, and the nanny.



Fat Bastard said...

Rev, that is good advice you gave Teddy. They hate smart and assertive fat boys like Teddy, They see people like us as a threat.

I would love to see Teddy quack and waddle as smoke comes out of that charlatan doctor's ears.

It sounds like Belly Boy has once again landed on his feet/fat butt. WHAT A SET UP! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!

That is great news about Georgia Davis. I love it

Fat Bastard said...

Dr Bear and BLA,

I have another blog called Medical Holocaust.

This blog is dedicated to the many millions of Americans who are killed and maimed each year as a result of medical errors and hospital acquired infections.

This blog is here to raise awareness regarding the true nature of the health care crisis in the United States of America.

I will attempt to provide credible scientific information that you won't see in the mainstream corporate run media. STOP THIS GENOCIDE!

There is a nasty puking skinny bitch named Alice from Australia giving me shit. If you have a moment go to her blog and giver her some much needed fattitude.

Give her a good solid OINKING!

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard:

Well, I just naturally waddle like a fat duck when I walk because of my large body, broad hips, and short fat legs.

I can't walk without waddling, even if I tried.

BLA said...


Instead of saying "QUACK" over and over while waddling like a penguin, you should consider telling the doctors that you are a hardcore gainer. If you keep saying quack they may put you in a mental institution and give you electroshock therapy, or insulin shock therapy, and also they get to make 100% of your medical choices for you, including WLS."

Well, actually I would not quack like a duck, but merely call the doctor a quack, and say it maybe 4 or five times.

But I can't help it if I just naturally waddle as I walk.

Now, I would hate to think that the mental health profession could actually force me to undergo WLS against my will.

I would tell then that I am fully aware of the risks involved that there is a chance that I might die on the operating table or shortly after the surgery.

They no longer do pre-frontal lobotomies on mental patients anymore. It was sometime in the 1960s when they stopped doing that.

So, I would absolutely refuse to undergo WLS against my will. I would fight them anyway I can, even if it means going to jail!

Because then, I could get a lawyer appointed to me. Criminals in jail actually have more civil rights than patients in mental hospitals, so I would prefer going to jail than going to the loony bin.

Also, I would have my lawyer search for my school records and the fact that I had scored 150 points on a standard IQ test when I was 13 years old.

So, even if I'm proven to be crazy, they would know that I might be crazy, but I'm not stupid!

If given a choice between being crazy or stupid, I would rather be crazy.

Hey! Nickola Tesla was mentally ill, but he was a far greater scientist and inventor than Thomas Edison, yet history glorifies Thomas Edison while Nikola Tesla is hardly mentioned in the history texts.

I have know too many people who are considered "perfectly sane" but are total morons because they have no imagination or creativity and are dull and boring, while many historical figures such as Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Tesla, Isaak Newton, and Johannes Kepler all suffered from mental illness, but look at how much they have contributed to society and have greatly increased our knowledge.

I think I know why these great historical figures suffered from mental illness.

Being surrounded by low-grade morons and total idiots with single digit IQs is enough to drive anybody nuts!

Fat Bastard said...

"Rev, that is good advice you gave Teddy. They hate smart and assertive fat boys like Teddy, They see people like us as a threat."

Well, it appears that anybody with an IQ above the single digit range or anybody who can read above the 4th grade level is perceived as a threat.

That's why the USA has allowed the quality of education in our schools to go down the crapper so that most high school graduates can't read beyond the 5th grade level, and why about 20% percent of the population in the USA believes that the sun revolves around the earth!

That's also why the Funny-mentalist Christards in the Republican party want to have Thomas Jefferson removed from the history textbooks and have their Creationist fairy tales inserted into the science text books.

They want young people to grow up stupid and uneducated so that they can be more easily lead around like sheep to be sheered and shorned or to be more easily lead like cattle to the slaughter house.

And in the name of fighting the so-called obesity epidemic, the PETA Nannies are teaching young people that eating meat or fish is bad, that we must save our planet by subsisting on lettuce leaves and tofu!

Ah yes! God bless the USA!

Don't ya just love it?!?

BLA said...

@ Fat Bastard
Belly Boy sure is lucky, he's got an excellent setup, and will be playing video games for about 12 hours a day, and eating for about 4 hours a day. He is quite excellent at most video games, his fingers are nimble even though he is so fat.



Under the new FDA rules for the Lap-Band, now it is available if you have a BMI of 30 and hypertension, or any other weight-related disease (whether major or minor), or at BMI of 35 even if you have no other health problems. Soon, they may also make the Lap-Band available to more teenagers and potentially pre-teens as well. In a few years, perhaps even chubby 8 year olds will be going under the knife, even though at that age the parents have near total control over their children's diet.

They are frog-walking us into the Weight Loss Surgery Massacre! Do you realize that over 50% of Americans will fall into the category of eligibility for WLS now? At over $20,000 per person in many instances, and often more than that, the WLS business is going to rapidly change the landscape of the American waistline.

150 million eligible people. This has the potential to become a routine surgery, since it has never been carried out on such a large scale before. Previously, most fatlings shied away from the knife, but now they will be emboldened and this idea will seem less radical because they'll see only somewhat overweight people also doing it.

It's good that at least the Lap-Band has the lowest mortality rate of all WLS procedures, especially when done laproscopically, but I do worry about the side effects that fatlings will face, and their disappointments.

I would greatly appreciate hearing Dr. CG Brady's input on this disturbing situation, and I'd also hope that you, Fat Bastard, would weigh in as well. When I asked Belly Boy what he thought about this, he held the phone towards his ass and farted, then broke into a fit of high-pitched giggles. Man can that boy fart. I'm just glad there's no smell-o-phone.



Fat Bastard said...

@ BLA This new about the FDA Fucking Dipshit Administration expanding the criteria for the Lap Band is very disturbing. As usual it's about the money.

The Lap Band is less deadly than regular WLS but even at one death in 500 the body count will be high. I think the reason they did it is because more people are going off shore to have it done and the whores at the FDA are working for their pimps the US bariatric butchers.

CG will have a lot to say on this but I think Belly Boy put it best when he farted into the phone. I would like to make those fuckers at the FDA eat the contents of one of Belly Boy's bed pans.

@ Teddy,

They have been dumbing down the population for years. Ritalin is one example. 12% of school age boys are on it and they have expanded the ADHD criteria to include chatty girls. If they want kids docile just fatten them up. Fat kids are a threat to the status quo too because they are very cerebral and they are not athletes so they are thinkers not stinkers.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to kick that pig Carnie in the cunt!

Ghetto Kid said...

Yo yo yo YO!

Ma name is Ghetto Kid! Man at Carnie is one fatass white bitch with a big ol' white ass up in there!!

A woman got to be at least two-fifty pounds fo I'll pound that woman ass, y'kno?

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Imma tryin to finda rich fat white bitch to knock up so I can hook up on that gravy train, knawmean? But it mad hard to find a rich fat white bitch out there, they aint none at them fat bitch conventions I been to!

Ghetto Kid

Proud FA said...

@ Ghetto Kid,

I hear ya my brotha! When Fat Bastard and I used to go to the NAAFA convention pig hunts yeast was a problem. That's why we would rent a suite with a big hot tub and we'd add some yeast killer and crab killer to the water.

Us skinny White boys pop that fat White coochie for the same reason yoy brothas do. It's easy and plentiful. They fight over us skinny guys.

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With a bitch like Carnie you want her on all fours and you want to lift and spread those big ass cheeks. I put a big belt around them and I hold on and pound hard.
You can really pound a BBW with getting bruised. The problem is they can't go the distance after they have cum a few times and that is why you have have more than one.

Good luck in finding a rich White bitch. Fat girls don't make as much money as skinny ones. I would suggest that you find several BBWs and pork them all. If you are like most skinny Niggas and you can really throw the dick they will not get rid of you if you fuck around. They should expect it. I have never been faithful to any of my sows and I let them know that from the get go. Many BBWs are bisexual so if you can hook up with a couple of them then you'd have hit the mother load. Don't put all your money on one sow.

Fat Bastard said...

Hey Ghetto Kid,

Thanks for stopping by. You may want to go to the next NAAFA convention if it's close by to where you live. They get a good price on the airport hotel so if you have your home boys went in on it by the time those NAAFA girls paid you to pork them you'd be money ahead.

Fat girls love the skinny brothas. Our friend the Chef can tell you that and so can that big fat slut Lisa Lampanelli. She loves "banging the Blacks". Fat girls love you chocolate daddies.

All you have to do is tell them how mean the world is to fat girls and then tell them they have pretty eyes and you will have too much pork for your fork.

Ghetto Kid said...

@ Proud FA
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Fat B said...

Ghetto Kid you really got a handle on it. Proud FA has porked a lot of married fat girls whose hubbies got limp dicks like out man Teddy Bear.

I will attep to talkin in Ebonics.

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Again my brotha thank you for stoppin by this blog and contributing your experience. Don't be a stranga! YO!

Anonymous said...

How can you guys fuck these pigs? Bitches like Carnie Wilson are revolting.

Pig said...


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAAA this blog is hilarious. I cant believe you unhealthy, beastly, obese idiots actually promote this type of behaviour/lifestyle.

Teddy Bear said...

Anonymous said...

"HAHAHAHAHHAHAAA this blog is hilarious. I cant believe you unhealthy, beastly, obese idiots actually promote this type of behaviour/lifestyle."

Well, if you want to check out some web sites that really promote an unhealthy life-style, I suggest you check out some of the Anorexic web sites on the Internet, the Pro-Ana or Pro-Mia or Ana/Mia web sites.

Of course, many of them get shut down because Yahoo and many other Internet servers won't sponsor such web sites anymore.

That's because Anorexia is far more dangerous to one's health. A lot of Anorexics die while only in their teens or 20s and seldom live beyond their late 30s unless they develop their eating disorder much later in life.

But I have seen gluttons in their 60s, 70s and even in their 80s.

So, I would much rather be a glutton than an anorexic anytime.

I love being obese!

I love having to use a pair of tongs as a toilet paper holder to wipe myself.

And I love having big lower-belly or groin area that hangs done over my shrunken penis making sexual intercourse or even partial erections physically impossible for me.

I like it because it makes me feel less manly and more like a helpless glutton.

That's the life-style some of us have chosen for ourselves.

So, you can pack that into your Gucci bag and hit the road jack!

CG Brady said...


I think that even Fat Bastard will agree that the death toll from pro ana and anorexia is tiny. Less than 100 people each year in the US starve themselves to death while over 400,000 gluttons eat themselves to death.

The reaction to pro ana has been an over reaction. I would not shut down any sites because I believe in free speech but I think that fat acceptance sites that lie about the dangers of gluttony and obesity like Big Fat Blog, NAAFA, Dimensions, Shapely Prose ect ect ect should come with a warning that they are not telling the whole story.

I applaud Fat Bastard for acknowledging the dangers of obesity. You yourself called fatlings the Evel Kenevels of eating.

Bigger Fatter Blog and your Biggest Fattest Blog are the only honest fat acceptance sites in the entire fatosphere. They all promote obesity and gluttony but you guys are the only ones who don't hide it.

Teddy Bear said...

CG Brady said...


I think that even Fat Bastard will agree that the death toll from pro ana and anorexia is tiny. Less than 100 people each year in the US starve themselves to death while over 400,000 gluttons eat themselves to death."

I didn't say that there were more anorexics than there are gluttons.

I only said that most anorexics die at a much younger age, like in their teens and 20's and seldom live past their 30s unless their eating disorder started at a later age.

I know there are more gluttons, but I have seen old people who were gluttons.

And yes . . . . .

I'm also against censorship (unless it's kiddie porn) but the fact is, many Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia web sites have been shut down.

But also, many have avoided being shut down by posting a disclaimer warning about eating disorders and saying not to ask how to become anorexic.

And of course, we also warn about the dangers of gluttony even though we promote it.

Fat Bastard said...

I hear ya T Bear!

While pro ana is not a huge health problem it is not one that should be ignored. The fact is most of the girls who post on those sites acknowledge there gluttony but unlike those of us in the new fat acceptance movement don't embrace it.

They are a strange breed they differ from the old NAAFA style fat girls in that they don't deny their gluttony and they don't like being fat. It must be hell for them and that is why so many of them have found Bigger Fatter Blog a safe place to visit and a soft place to fall. The angry jealous NAAFA fat girls hate them because they diet and a lot of them are skinny.

The true anas, the ones who exercise, eat like spartans and don't puke are a fat boy's dream.

Our movement is the right movement. We embrace, celebrate and promote both gluttony and obesity. Even our detractors like My Fat Spouse and MeMe Roth's crowd appreciate our honesty.

You Teddy have articulated the new fattitude better than anyone. As you may know, Bigger Fatter Blog has recently been recognized and the one of the top 50 obesity sites on the web and the number one site for obesity promotion. Your inspiration was a big part of our success. OINK you very much!