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Sunday, April 17, 2011

ATT: BIGGER FATTER BLOG READERS Google Censorship Thwarting Peace Efforts in the Middle East.

I Fat Bastard am gradually transferring articles from Google Blog Spot to Posterous Google is getting to big for its britches (and not in a good way) and too elitist for my tastes. The have placed a warning on my blog simply because some angry fat girls complained. Google DID NOT review Bigger Fatter Blog before putting the warning that is for all intents and purposes censorship but instead based their action on the complaints of a few angry and hormonally challenged man hating fat girls.
Angry fat girl!

The upside is is that page views on Bigger Fatter Blog nearly tripled but the downside is people in countries like China, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the Middle East that have come to know and love Bigger Fatter Blog are now unable to access it. These are the people who need Bigger Fatter Blog the most. They depend on Bigger Fatter Blog to school them on the joys of greedy gluttony.

What makes Bigger Fatter Blog different than other fat acceptance sites and organizations is our honesty. All fat acceptance is the promotion of gluttony and obesity but sadly their camouflage that message in a lot of whining, false martyrdom and pseudo politics. At Bigger Fatter Blog we don't pussy foot around. We give it to our reader straight. We unapologetically promote greedy gluttony and obesity. We are 100% red blooded Americans and we see greedy gluttony and morbid obesity as some thing good and truly and uniquely American. We want the world to know that GLUTTONY IS GOOD!

Gluttony brings peace to a war torn world.
A Fat Muslim is a happy Muslim

We have spent precious young lives and billions in treasure trying to bring peace and stability to the crazy baby raping Muslims in the Middle East and it really hasn't worked all that well. A simpler and cheaper solution is to stop fighting with these people and sit down and break bread with them. The B-2 program alone costs the U.S. Air Force almost $45 billion per year. We could build 1000's of fast food joints and give away food for a decade for $45 billion.

Those Muslims have a horrible religion and a nasty and evil God. You can't defeat an idea with violence or even diplomacy. If you tell these Mudslimes that there prophet Mohammad was a camel humping baby raping shit bum that will only piss them off even more and these fuckers are always pissed about something.
These Arabs love fat women. The can't see the plethora of fat porn that is on the net due to censorship but Bigger Fatter Blog did provide theses head chopping as lifters with something to take their minds off hating America and Americans.
A Fat Muslim BBW would be too hot to wear a burka

When some terrorist is beating off to fat porn he hardly has time to make an IED or become a suicide bomber. Seeing fat gluttonous BBW food sluts sure beat going to some dank mosque and lifting your ass to some Pagan moon god. If we can fatten these Muslims up enough the will be too fat too get on the their knees and lift their asses to Allah let alone fight wars.
There are hundreds of fast food franchises available. If the Uncle Sam wants to bring peace to the Middle East instead of buying tanks and guns they would buy fast food franchises. OK Fat Bastard, a lot of these people can't afford the fast food that we greedy gluttonous Americans all take for granted. That may be true BUT until they can we should give it away to the one who can afford it and slip a little pork into the MoHAMmad burgers so that the Muslims will have no chance of going to Muslims heaven with the rivers of wine and the 72 vestal virgins. They'll figure fuck it and keep eating until they are all fat like us.  Get them addicted to fast food and then raise the price. These former Muslims will get pissed and hungry and they will take it out on their mullahs and other powerful clerics. The power of the belly and the Belly God will steamroll Allah.
When the Middle East is a country of fast food and fat sluts there will be peace and they will stop raping 9 year old girls.

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Below are some alternative search engines.

GigaBlast  Bing WebCrawler ExaLead IxQuick Teoma

Alternative Search Engines to GOOGLE The Bing Alternative The Yahoo Alternative The Alternative The Alltheweb Alternative The Dogpile Alternative The Exalead Alternative The Webcrawler Alternative The Alternative The ixQuick Alternative The Teoma Alternative THE Gigablast ALTERNATIVE
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Here are just a few of the great alternative search engines out there on the Web.
  1. Clusty: clusty.jpg Clusty is a metasearch engine, meaning it combines results from a variety of different sources. However, Clusty adds a bit of extra search engine goodness in the mix by giving you clustered results. Basically, clustered results are extra search suggestions arranged by category for example, if you type in "coffee", Clusty responds with clustered results to the left such as Tea, Espresso, History of Coffee, etc.
  2. Indeed: indeed.jpg is a job search engine. It is not a list of message boards, or a place where you can actually submit your resume. Indeed is extremely simple to use, and covers all the major job boards, newspaper classified sites, niche industry sites and corporate job sites. I found more jobs in five minutes on here than I did searching on other job boards. You have to go to the individual websites in order to apply (which is kind of a pain) but this is a great way to generate job leads. Indeed also offers a nice toolset for the job searcher, including a JobRoll, "a customized, dynamically-updating list of jobs that may be placed on your blog or website."
  3. Isohunt: isohunt.jpgIsohunt is a Bit Torrent search engine. Isohunt does not host files; Isohunt only helps you find files, and therefore is a completely legal service. From an Isohunt forum thread: "IsoHunt crawls several torrent sites, and when you search for torrents here, you get links to HTML pages on these sites where the. Torrent files can be found." Finding Bit Torrent files on Isohunt is made even easier by viewing the Isohunt Zeitgeist..
  4. FoodieView:foodieview.jpg With a brand new site design, FoodieView is one of my all-time favorite alternative search engines. FoodieView is a recipe search engine searching over 175,000 recipes from all different kinds of sources, including, The Food Network, Martha Stewart Recipes, and many more. FoodieView is a targeted recipe search engine with a lot of really interesting features; it's also extremely easy to find good recipes on FoodieView that are actually relevant to what your search query is, which, if you've ever tried to find a recipe using certain ingredients on one of the bigger search engines, you'll agree with me when I say that it can be a huge time-waster.
  5. Ditto: ditto.jpg is a free image search engine that enables users to search for images, quickly and easily. Ditto recently announced that they have 500 million pictures in their image search (and counting), and they claim to have the "largest searchable index of visual content on the Internet via proprietary processes." Basically, Ditto is a way to find images fast and effectively - they've also been around for a pretty long time in Internet years (I remember using them back when they started in 1999). A good alternative to Google Images.
  6. Healthline: healthline.jpg is a medical information search engine, with lots of interesting features that make it very simple to use (in other words, you don't have to have an MD degree to find what you're looking for here). Healthline is solely dedicated to finding medical information online, and it offers medically filtered results developed by trained medical personnel.
  7. FirstGov: firstgov.jpg is an absolutely mammoth search engine/portal that gives the searcher direct access to searchable information from the United States government, state governments, and local governments. It can be overwhelming, simply because there is SO much information here. I would suggest that you get your feet wet with FirstGov by using the Information By Topic directory, or you can choose to drill down by viewing the Site Index. In addition, FirstGov offers an above average Advanced Search help page.
  8. AuctionMapper: auctionmapper.jpg AuctionMapper is an extremely cool search engine that focuses only on eBay listings. Sure, eBay has it's own site search; but AuctionMapper takes that site search and goes a few steps further. There's all sorts of geeky fun to be had with AuctionMapper; the whole site is full of maps, animated thingies that fly around, Star Trekky sounds it's just a really well-done search engine that is not only fun to play with, but it's actually useful, a combination that seems to be hard to come by these days.
  9. Daypop: daypop.jpg Daypop is a current events/blogosphere search engine. Daypop crawls sites that are updated frequently in order to bring searchers the latest news; included in Daypop's index are newspapers, blogs, online magazines-any site that is updated on a regular basis will make it into Daypop's index. You can use Daypop to search a small slice of the Web for news and information, see what people are talking about in real-time, view what links are being passed around most frequently, and more. I use Daypop as my own virtual office water-cooler; it's a great way to catch Web trends before they become trendy.
  10. Blinkx: blinkx.jpg Blinkx TV is basically a search engine that allows you to search for audio, video, and podcasts using not only keywords and phrases, but also content in the actual clips that you're looking for. For example, if you wanted to find Kermit the Frog's "It's Not Easy Being Green", you could type in "having to spend each day the color of the leaves", and Blinkx would be able to fetch your data using not only your content, but the concept behind your content - the spoken word (or in this case, the lyrics). It's also another search engine that's just beautifully designed you're going to want to make sure you have relatively high-speed access in order to view the site the way it was intended.
This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Internet search engines; over at About Web Search I've been profiling a new search engine every day this fall - 100 Search Engines in 100 Days - and I haven't run out of material yet. The Web is just so massively ginormous that one search engine could not ever possibly hope to index all that information in one place. Alternative search engines are an excellent way to get different snapshots of the Web than what you may be used to.


The Chef said...

The Chef is pissed. The Chef will be boycottin Google and tell all other chefs to do the same.

The Chef has a food blog and he will be tellin folks to avoid Google.

BELLY BOY said...


YEAH! It's the circle of oinks.

You gots to MOOOVE it. YOU GOTS TO UUUUUUSE it, you gots to mold that shit and pile that shit and play it up right. You gots to hug that shit and eat that shit and make it all right. You gots to love that shit and take that shit and do it all night. You gots to feel that shit and be that shit and all will be right.

UNGH UNGH UNGH! Yeah, I had a baby the other day. A fecal baby. It weighed I think a solid 4+ pounds, and I busted a few blood vessels crappin' that one out. My butler wiped me for awhile after, and now I feel all clean and fresh down there.

Yeah, I have to use tampons. It helps to deal with the anal leakage which I have been dealing with as of late. The really absorbant ones help me a lot, and they help me for my active "on the go" lifestyle.

For example, one minute I'll be playing Halo on my Xbox 360, the next, I'll be playig Medal of Honor on Playstation 3. The variety is overwhelming sometimes.

As you know, I've started walking again, and now I can make it to the bathroom, but I have to rest for about 20 minutes to make the trip back, and if I fell over I would not be able to get back up by myself. I have a railing on the wall that I use to hold on to so that I can make it to the toilet, but at night and when I'm in the middle of a gaming session I always prefer to use my bariatric bedpan.

UNGH! Yeah. UNGH! Yeah. UNGH! Yeah. Them's my FOLDS, y'all!!

Cuz I'mma- Belly Boy. An' I'mma... smelly boy! But I just, play wit toys, cuz all y'all is just TOYS to me. All y'all so small y'all ain't nothin' to a no'mal size man like me, LOSERS. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, LOSERS! ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T WEIGH AT LEAST 500 LBS IS NOT A REAL MAN! GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN, BABIES! DRINK SOME FUCKING WHISKEY AND GROW A PAIR ALREADY.

Belly Boy rolls up to the mic, and eats it thinking it was chocolate. This turned out to be the new Chocolate Mic that was worth a million dollars and that is made out of highly concentrated pure chocolate that immediately gives diabetes to anyone who takes a bite, but Belly Boy has eaten the entire thing and is fine because he shot up with a LOT of insulin before hand. He has sores all over his belly from the injections, but he doesn't care.

Belly Boy grabs a blow-up doll, bangs it, and then rolls back off stage.

Fat Bastard said...

@ Belly Boy,

Boom Shakka Lakka the warning is gone
Boom Shakka Lakka gonna poop on the lawn
Google boys fraid of losing bling to Bing
Boom Shakka Lakka so they did the right thing.

Fat Bastard dons bib over his bib and tucker as adoring fans throw food to him as though they were throwing flower petals to a conquering hero. Fat Bastard mows down on the food, belches and unleashes a thundering fart into the mic, the crown erupts and Fat Bastard waves his hamlike arm and waddles off stage to pimp skinny hos nation wide.

Proud FA said...

Holy shit Fat Bastard those wackos did us a favor our page views have tripled!