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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fattitude: It's Everywhere! A Bigger Fatter Blog Pictorial Essay
Walmart needs to provide scooters for fat kids too!
BBW cools sexy underbelly while buying favorite cheese.
Into you tent I'll creep for a drink.
Uncompromising fattitude!
Revving up fattitude!
Kiss all our fat asses!
This graphic has nothing to do with fattitude other than their fat elephant. It galls me that this noble beast is the symbol for such a despicable organization. While Republicans stand for greed and gluttony in many ways their baby raping ways make them the scourge of politics and humans of all sizes. That's why I don't vote for them. This really hit home after getting to know to stellar fatlings. One is a guy named TJ aka the Amazing Atheist on You Tube and the other is our own "Dr" Gerald "Teddy" Bear of the genius The Biggest Fattest Blog. Both of these fine fatlings were victims of Republican pedophiles.

For quite sometime the GOP has had an epidemic of baby raping.

GOP Pedophile LINKS:





Republican NAMBLA pedophile social club


Ross Perot said...

What is it with those Republican fuckers?

Child molesters should be killed on sight.

Fat Bastard said...

I hear ya Ross but I cannot advocate people shooting Republicans but I understand your frustration.

I used to be a Republican because they are the party of greedy gluttony but the Belly God does approve of baby raping and neither do any humans for that matter.

GOP used to mean Grand Old Party but now it means Groping Old Pedophiles.

If those fuckers aren't ripping off Americans they are raping children.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello Fat Bastard:

Well, actually, the older man who raped me when I was 17 years old, I don't know if he was a Republican or not, but he most definitely was a Catholic.

OK, to be fair, I once did a Google search for Democrats who were pedos, but the number I found you could count on the fingers of your hand. One hand! I came up with less than a half dozen.

While the number of Republican pedos number in the hundreds. That is, among politicians. I'm sure that pedos make up at least half of all Republicans among the general population.

The ones who aren't pedos are among their innocent children who are probably victims of their own pedo parents.

Yeah, I think it was Chaney who once water-boarded his own daughter because she misspelled a word on a spelling test.

Yeah, I also believe that these Repedocans should all be shot.

But it should only be done by a firing squad when found guilty in a court of law.

I do believe in the death penalty for rapists and pedophiles.

No blindfold and no last cigarette!


Fat Bastard said...

I was figuring that Dems might be as bad but for every Dem baby raper there are about 200 Republicans who molest kids and more than 1/2 the time their are funnygelical Christers. Very dangerous and sneaky.

Pat Buchannon is a Catholic but the party perverts. They got too evil even for pitch fork Pat. In his day the Republicans were not as perverted. It's this groups of Baby Boomers and young Republicans that are responsible for the epidemic of child rape in the GOP.

Repedocans!! I love it! OINK! OINK!

I suppose those evil slime deserve due process but I don't think if a victim's parent were to put a bullet in one of there black hearts no decent people would get angry.

I think a firing squad is too good for them. They shoot spies and traitors and Repervlicans are much worse than traitors or spies. I say give them life in prison and put them into the general population and let the inmates at em. Even an axe murderer has more honor than a Repuglican baby raper.

Roll Handler said...

Nice! Pretty piggies!

BELLY BOY said...


Fat Bastard said...

OINKING back at ya Belly Boy! OINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard:

You may want to check out this web site.

LIARS FOR JESUS - The Religious Right's Alternate Version Of American History.

One of the biggest fucking moronic Christards, is some slime-ball who goes by the name of David Barton.

I guess, being a liar for Jesus, that must be what is known as Divine Deception! Eh?

Another Retardican slime-ball, Mike Huckabee, who was a candidate in the 2008 United States Republican presidential primaries, he says that young people should all be made to listen to David Barton's radio talk show, even at gun point!!!

Oh, so the Huckster what us all to listen to David Barton, the fraudster, at gun point! Eh?

David Barton is against minimum wage, Social Security and SSI, and Medicaid/Medicare.

There are 12 YouTube videos made by Chris Rodda. You'll like her!

I don't know if she's a liberal or a conservative. I think she's more of a moderate leaning somewhat toward the left.

But I like her, and I think she's pretty cool.

In her 5th video, she wears a black cowboy hat, and a shirt that looks like the flag. I think she looked kind of cute dressed up as a right-winger!

Of course, that was only all in fun, because she's really not a right-winger.

Anyway, she wrote the book titled:

About the author:

Chris Rodda is someone who never intended to be a writer, but got pissed off enough at the rampant Christian nationalist revisionism of American history that she decided to write a book about it, which somehow led to her "day job" as Senior Research Director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. She is also a blogger on the Huffington Post and Talk2Action, writing about historical revisionism, religious issues in the military, and whatever else she feels like writing about.

Anyway . . . . .

I hope everybody here takes some time to go to the aforementioned web site to check out her videos.

She exposes David Barton for the liar by the town clock that he really is!!!

Fat Bastard said...


Thank you!

Anyone who advocates for Jesus is a liar whether they know it or not. The New Testament is one lie after another.

The religious right is still a dangerous bunch of sluggards. These fucks would not pass a polygraph test. Most of them know it's bullshit. They are a nasty bunch of narrow minded abusers and they not only abuse kids but the abuse the very fabric of the US Constitution.

Teddy, I have given you the honorary title of Dr but in my mind you very well could be a PhD in several fields. You need a degree to make it official.

You can get a degree here in metaphysics. for very low cost.

You look like a professor, you write like a professor and you deserve the credentials of a professor.

BELLY BOY said...


I just oinked at you guys.

Hopefully this adds to your discussion.


Fat Bastard said...

Belly Boy many time you ARE the discussion! You are among some of the greatest fat commentators in the entire fatosphere.

OINKING back atcha!

Proud Plumpette said...

I, Proud Plumpette, have come to bless this article with a heartfelt OINK!

Fattitude IS everywhere. It would appear that your blogging efforts have been a success, Fat Bastard. Fatlings are being more open and honest about their gluttony than ever!

Just the other day, driving down the sidewalk in my powerchair, I passed a man that gasped, and did a double take. 'You could bounce a round of cannon fire off that belly! You're a whale!' I couldn't help but blush at the comparison. Whales are some of the most stunning and majestic creatures on the planet. People take boat rides to see them in the ocean. Imagine people from all over taking a boat into the ocean just to see me. Not to mention the cannon comment... Wow. This is a man who understands the strength and majesty of a fierce, fatling female.

Fat Bastard said...


When I imagine Belly Boy in his bed being served tons of food by the many minions who serve him the word majesty come to mind.

Majestic really best describes us fatlings.