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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bigger Fatter Blog May Be Leaving Google Blogger

One thing that has made Bigger Fatter Blog and the NEW fat acceptance a success is the simple fact that unlike the NAAFA style fat acceptance we don't censor. The old angry fat girl NAAFA style fat acceptance has been a catastrophic failure for over 40 years simply because like the hateful paranoid cowardly Nazis they are the severely limit speech and squelch debate.

Sadly Google has caved to complaints by the crazy man haters in the fatosphere and place a warning on Bigger Fatter Blog. Google has not examined the content of Bigger Fatter Blog for "offensive" content. Instead the took the word of a bunch of censoring Nazis.
If the pug ugly thugs in the fatosphere want to fight dirty then I will fight dirty too. I would ask our readers to file complaints to Google about any and all NAAFA style blogs as being offensive and dangerous.


Camille said...

Blasphemy! How are people allowed to have blogs about anorexia but you can't have a blog about fat acceptance? RACISTS

Jamie boyko said...

i agree with camille whats going to happen now?that is very sad you know!!i hope and pray that you can stay on here i will miss you badly!!i would fight with you!!takce care friend Jamie61571@yahoo

Teddy Bear said...

Yeah! More censorship! I've had it!

We have right-wing Retardican Christard Funny-mentalist who want to insert Creationist fairy tales into science textbooks, and we have a bunch of anorexic granny nannies who want to censor web blogs like this one!

I thought America was suppose to be the land of the free, you know, free speech, and all that!

But apparently not!

Excuse me! But did I just get off the wrong train in the wrong town? Or what???

Fat Bastard said...

To the lovely Camille and Jamie and the erudite "Dr" Bear this is another example of political correctness and weak kneed corporatists bowing to a mouthy fringe group and dissing the majority.

I would not censor the pro ana blogs even though they send a dangerous message because that would be like censoring blogs about sports because sports can also be dangerous and deadly.

Jamie, I will stay on Blogger but I may simply duplicate Bigger Fatter Blog on another platform. I really think the Google platform is the best. BTW, I saw your Face Book page and all I can say is VA VA VA VOOM both you and Camille are a couple of lookers. Fat boys like me really appreciate attractive women.

Teddy, as usual you put all your weight behind this one and hit it out of the ball park. BUT... both sides censor. Some people who claim to be on the left are really on the right. The girls in the FA movement claim to be left of center but they are just as intolerant and chauvinistic and the far right fundegelicals.

The problem with people is everything these days with them is spin. I, Fat Bastard tell it like it is and if people don't like it fuck em. The truth is the truth.

I got so sick of seeing MeMe Roth kick the crap out of the fat acceptance girls that I had to do something so I started Bigger Fatter Blog. As a big fat glutton I did not want these womyn speaking for all gluttons ie the vast majority of the US population.

We fatling gluttons don't need apologists because we have nothing for which to apologize. We need promoters and enablers singing the glory of gluttony. Gluttony/obesity has its risks and to deny that makes us fatlings look stupid and besides most fatling are not buy the old NAAFA style tommyrot.

Gluttony is good but it is not for everyone and I Fat Bastard pointed out we need about a 20% populations of thinlings to do the menial work that us regal fatlings can't and don't want to do.

Unlike the angry NAAFA girls I like thinlings. Hell, my best friend Proud FA is a thinling and as you know fat guys like me Fat Bastard only bone skinny chicks because we can't pork fat girls.

LawyerGuy said...

It's fatist or sizist, not racist. Fat is not a race.

@Teddy Bear
The First Amendment's Free Speech protection applies only to government action.

Companies can fire workers who criticize the company in their blogs. Television shows can be canceled if the network doesn't like the content of the show. In fact, the government even forces traditional networks to have news programs and run Public Service Announcements, as a condition of letting them use public airwaves. (Cable networks are exempt because they do not use public airwaves.)

What the government cannot do is shut down a newspaper because they don't like the content. It can't arrest people for having unpopular political views, thus even a child molester organization exists and distributes its vile literature advising people how to illegally abuse children and not be caught. People can publish how-to guides for committing crimes and the government cannot ban the book. People can set up openly racist websites, and neo-Nazis can hold rallies in Jewish neighborhoods and the government may not take that into account when deciding whether to issue a permit.

However, a book publisher does not have to publish a book about child molesting. They have the freedom to decide what they want to publish. Same with TV networks- they have the right to cancel a show they find too controversial, although in practice they base their decisions on what they think will give them the best ratings and generate the most ad revenue.

Private individuals, including companies like Google, have the right to issue their opinions about different websites, just like you're allowed to have your own opinions about various topics. Web hosting services also have the right to deny hosting to someone they don't agree with. This is part of THEIR freedom of expression.

I am not stating my opinion, I am just telling you how the law views this. You can disagree all you want, just like you can say that 2 + 2 = 5; that doesn't make it true. It's the same with your notions of what should and shouldn't be protected as free speech. Freedom of speech applies ONLY to governments, and never to individuals or companies.

Fat Bastard said...

@ Lawyer Guy,

Certainly Google has legal right to control content BUT it is their defacto policy that they support free speech so they are in breech of contract.

Do we get honest news in the US? Probably not. News organizations are owned by corporations and ultimately answer to them. My Medical Holocaust blog discusses things about about the medical industrial complex that the mainstream media will never report.

LawyerGuy said...

@Fat Bastard
1) De facto is two words.
2) It's spelled "breach", breech is a different word.
3) That's not really how contract law works. Bilateral contracts are formed when there is a mutual exchange of promises to do or not do something. Everything would depend on the particular agreement - certainly nothing stops you from seeking a lawyer who might be interested in taking a potential case, although I wouldn't be interested.
4) I agree with your sentiments that our news is biased. Today, news is more opinion-based, so right and left wing newscasters simply present things from their point of view, and viewers get the smug satisfaction of feeling that they're doing something by watching TV, or that they have it all figured out, unlike the other political party. It's more about entertaining than informing.
5) It's either going to be companies or the government that will run news programs. Which do you prefer?

Fat Bastard said...

@ Lawyer guy,

At this point lawyers are about our only options for protecting us from violations of our rights and I am talking some serious violations. The censorship is just part of it. Sadly lawyers is our only protection from bad medicine because our medical industry is largely unregulated. While other industries are held to reasonable standards of accountability the actions of doctors and hospitals go mostly unregulated.

We at Bigger Fatter Blog oppose tort reform because we believe duly elected judges and juries should decide what amount of damages an injured patient should be awarded.

Thank you for the correction on the spelling. Perhaps I spelled breach breech because fucking we are getting feels like a breech birth through our assholes or perhaps where our forefathers ended up ramming the powder, ball and wad before they took out oppressive tyrants. Latin is not my first language.

Concussio semino vis.

Fat Bastard said...

I would prefer both commercial news and government news like PBS. BUT.. in reality it's all government news in that the corporations that run/own the government.

I think that perhaps the BBC is less biased than US news. I think in the days when we had guys like David Brinkley and Walter Cronkite we had more journalistic integrity. Today it's about ratings. People today watch news for entertainment rather than be informed.

Nobody watches the cops and nobody watches the propagandists.

Teddy Bear said...

LawyerGuy said...

"Web hosting services also have the right to deny hosting to someone they don't agree with."

Oh! I see!

So, if for example: I put up a web site on Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and the web hosting service has some right-wing religious Christard Funny-mentalist whack-jobs running it, then they can deny hosting to me because they disagree with the content of my web site?

Is that it?

Fuck that! They can all go to fucking Hell!

Again, I must ask . . . . .

Did I just get off from the wrong train in the wrong town?

LawyerGuy said...

@Teddy Bear

Yes, if someone is so ignorant as to not believe in evolution, they have the right to not publish pro-evolution web pages. I'm not aware of any Fundamentalist web hosting companies, though. Web hosting is dominated by only a few huge companies, none of which are religion-based.

If you find someone willing to publish something you write, whether it is true or a lie, there is usually almost nothing anyone can do to stop you. Freedom of the press doesn't guarantee that anyone will want to publish your thoughts. But with modern technology, authors can even self-publish their own "vanity" books to sell. Those companies will let you print almost anything, as long as you can pay their fee.

Fat Bastard said...

Google expressly says it will not censor political or parody blogs. This blog is a political blog and a parody of the old fat acceptance movement.

Google may be in breach of contract. They misrepresent.

There are many other bloggers complaining about this very thing on the google forums and google closing those discussions down.

It may not be their legal obligation to protect free speech but it is their patriotic obligation to behave like a good corporate citizen instead of the corporate gangster they have become.

I may file suit just to fuck with them. I am also going to complain about right wing and tea bagger blogs and when Google shuts those crazies down. I would rather that everyone get to state their views unhindered but Google doesn't see it that way.

I spoke with the ACLU and they say I have a case. They have a real hard-on for Google.



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All fatties have folds. It's all a question of what you are willing to do with them. You, Fat Bastard, need to harness the power of your fat folds, and call the ACLU and tell them not to back down from this case of FAT CENSORSHIP. USE YOUR FOLDS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! USE THEM TO STORE EXTRA LEGAL PADS FOR YOUR ATTORNEY, AS WELL AS PENS AND PENCILS, SO THAT SHE CAN BE WELL-EQUIPPED. KEEP A FEW SANDWICHES IN THERE IN CASE SHE GETS HUNGRY. USE YOUR FOLDS AND SEX APPEAL TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! THAT IS WHAT BELLY BOY DOES! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

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