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Is Obesity A Choice?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gastric Bypass Kills More Than One in Fifty Within the First 30 Days

I will let the video speak for itself.

If you want to stop this carnage check out this site.


Anonymous said...

Greedy fuckers!

Anonymous said...

Troll these fuckers!

Glen said...

But doesn't the Gastric Bypass save lifes by stopping the fat? This is the only way to end the obesity epidemic! Shouldn't every teenager who is chubby or fat get this procedure so that then they could be normal and have a normal life? We could solve the obesity problem right away by doing this, and I don't think the gastric bypass kills more people than it saves and plus since everyone will die anyway it is better to have 98 thin people than 100 fat people.

Fat Bastard said...

You can never be normal after ghastly bypass. Think of the rationale behind it.

Some fatlings are conflicted about their gluttony. Some join the NAAAFA style fat acceptance movement and deny the laws of physics and their own greedy gluttony and others feel guilty about their gluttony yet lack the testicular fortitude to change how they eat so they pay some doctor to butcher them. They are so unaccepting of their gluttony and the pleasures thereof that they submit to this barbarism and submit to an elective procedure that kills more than 1.25 people out of 50.

We at Bigger Fatter Blog oppose all WLS but not because of some crazy fat acceptance sophistries. We are not crazy NAAFA girls. We oppose WLS for sound rational and scientific reasons. Simply stated most people who get WLS would be better off if they stayed fat.

We also do not deny that obesity has its down side and that some fatlings would be wise to moderate their gluttony. Not everyone can be like Teddy Bear or Belly Boy. There are people like me and Rev Lard Ass who were not as blessed by Beligod so we need to moderate our gluttony.

A little bird. said...

There are some folks here who might be interested in hearing what Fat Bastard has to say about the medical holocaust and obesity crisis.

Jamie boyko said...

gastryc bypass does kill people thats what happend to a ssbbw that was in a few magazines that i like she died a long time ago.she weighed 450 pounds!!!her surgry wasnt a sucsess at all!! i miss her very bad!!i wanted to meet her in person!!she'll be missed by me!! i think about her every day and night.her name was eartha quake!!! thank you

Buzz Ridwalski said...

LoL, Eartha Quake was a man!
She's a man, baby! She's a man!

I think that fat people who get gastric bypass surgery are usually just lazy, since all it does is reduce their capacity to eat - which could be accomplished by using something called "willpower" that normal human beings are supposed to have. In other words, you just eat 3 sensible meals every day of about 2,000 calories total, no soda, no snacks, and no dessert except on birthdays and stuff like that and even then do it in a moderate amount and make sure you burn off those extra calories the next day. Walk a couple miles a day which only takes less than 30 minutes (aka 1 episode of a TV show that you wouldn't even remember after you finished watching it) and eat sensibly as I stated, and you will eventually not be a fat ass anymore.

Why is this so damn hard for people to understand that the diet industry is a multi-multi-billion industry?

Everyone can and should be a thin, trim, healthy weight - to be fat is a crime against yourself, your children, society, and everyone who loves or cares about you. Since it is so easy to be thin, being fat is ridiculous.

Killadoctor said...

Gastric bypass is some deadly shit and it kills people of all ranges of obesity.

@ Buzz, Fat people certainly are lazy and weak willed but even if they weren't these predatory doctors sell this butchery to patients like it's a walk in the park. It may be a walk in the park for the surgeon but it's journey through for the patients.

Gluttony and sloth does not deserve a death sentence.

Jamie boyko said...

hey buzz watch what you say i have pics of eartha quake from a yahoo group called bbwnssbbwpt4 they are good pics of her she's really an ssbbw thank you

Fat Bastard said...

I should do a feature article of the Eartha Quake.

Fat Bastard said...

I think that had it not been for ghastly bypass the lovely Ms Quake would be alive and well today.

Here is an obituary of sorts from the fatosphere that I would like to share with our readers.

It is with great sadness that I share the following news with you:

Carla Himes, known to many of you as adult fim star Eartha Quake, passed away Monday in Hemet, California. Initial reports from family members suggest complications during the fifth month of her second pregnancy in two years. Carla underwent weight-loss surgery in 1996 and recently had experienced health problems involving her spleen and iron retention. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

As supersized supervixen Eartha Quake, she starred in several well-known titles, including "Much More To Love" and "When The Fat Lady Sings". Fans were enthralled with her bountiful proportions and exotic looks.

Carla and I met during the filming of "Much More To Love", and remained good friends long after that. We had lost touch in the last 18 months (she moved out of the area), but never failed to keep up on each other through mutual friends. Her sweet, gentle nature and beautiful countenance will be what I remember most about her. I'm sure I speak for her many appreciative fans and dear friends when I say she will be sorely missed.

Jamie boyko said...

hi fat bastard thank you for sharing a story on eartha quake!!i really appreciate it alot

Buzz Ridwalski said...

I guess you're right that she was a woman.

Fat Bastard said...

We at Bigger Fatter Blog try to get the facts right. We were the first news source to explore the role anorexia played in the death of Michael Jackson.

Bigger Fatter Blog is the leading source for ALL things fat.

Jamie boyko said...

hi this is jamie i think you should do an artical on eartha quake that would be good!!

Fat Bastard said...

I have been looking into that Jamie. Great minds think alike.