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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reverse Fatspo: "Hot" Skinny Chicks

Those little pro ana sweethearts often use pictures of fat girls to cause what they call reverse thinspo. I thought that I Fat Bastard would post up some pictures of emaciated skinny chicks and fat girls to provide some fatsporation and reverse fatspo for our million of female readers.

As you can see this little darling has probably a BMI of 21 and that is too thin. Yeah I know that technically she is probably health as a horse but a BMI over 25 is where real womanhood begins and fake womanhood leaves off.
The laugh is on us fat boys who never experience the joys of a sweaty fat girl as are forced to settle for toothpicks like those two!

Real womyn eat a lot and often each other when they can't find a skinny guy. Sadly there are a lot of skinny guys who like me, Fat Bastard, like fake women with a BMI between 18 and 24.

Skinny women have less curves than a Midwest highway.

Real woman indulging her her porcine pleasure. Sexy sow sucking on sweets... SUUUUU EEEEE!!!
Her big tits can feed and army of piglettes! That's sexy!

In case you have forgotten what a real woman looks like here is one. Not only to real women have curves many have extra body parts.

When they get really skinny the actually grow 2 extra ribs like a man and frightening faces appear on their nipples. The quest for bones among the pro ana crowd actually causes the little bit of flesh they have to morph into bones. In fact autopsies of the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of pro anas who die each year reveal on average 10 extra vertebrae and extra toes and fingers.

You know that they say. The bigger the cushion the better the pushin. Skinny women have butts like scarecrows.

Skinny women have no padding back there. They are lucky that us fat boys have fat stomachs to cushion the shock when they ride us reverse cowgirl style.

Not a real woman! Legs like tooth picks! Eat Calista. I'd love to..

See the source image

Reverse Fatspo

Jerry Ryan looking gaunt and ugly.

Reverse Fatspo
Carni Wilson after recovering from gastric bypass surgery


See the source image


Bob McBangin' said...

Who wants to bang an ass that's all firm and toned? More cushion for the pushin', baby! These chick who think their takin care of themselves are really such a turn off. No man wants a round, firm butt, they want something with BOUNCE, yo.

Mr. Respectable said...

Wow, the one with the ice cream bar really turns my crank. Thanks Fat Bastard. :)

I am married to a skinny woman, as I am also to fat to pork the juicy jumbos I admire.

I love how that woman eats the mouse ear by ear... Mmmm... So suggestive... Those NAAFA sluts. ;)

Glen 'The Glutton' Gainsborough said...

I am a little dissapointed by this. What about men? There are men looking for fatspo too, Fat Bastard. You need some pictures of a few teddy bears and BHM in there. I'm looking to gain, and I love fat girls too, but it's not very motivating for us male gainers. :(

I'm happy to report that I've gotten to a size where I can no longer see my toes. It excites me. There are parts of my body that are now shrouded in mystery. One day, I'll be big enough for them to film an Indiana Jones adventure in all my clammy crags.

Fat Bastard said...

To Bob McBanging,

I am one of those rare guys that like a firm tight ass on a woman. I think it's because I can only bone skinny chicks because I am too fat to pork fat girls.

@ Mr Respectable,

I only wish that skinny chicks were as slutty as the fat girls. Fat girls give the best head for sure because they are always hungry.

@ Glen 'The Glutton' Gainsborough,

I have paid tribute to the male glutton many times but I think the fat girls require fatsporation more than the fat boys. We have as a regular commentator here "Dr" Gerald "Teddy" Bear of The Biggest Fattest Blog who is providing the best fatspo for fat boy gainers anywhere. I suppose I could post some fatspo for male gluttons but my work would pale in comparison to the work of "Dr" Bear.

Fat boys generally need advice on food and gaining. My blog partner Proud FA aka the Dean of Feedersim has written some great article on gaining and feeding.

As your source on all things fat Bigger Fatter Blog will be posting up some more pictures of exceptional male gainers. If you search out archives you will find some remarkable male fatling pictures. I recently posted one of a man with such a big belly that he had to put it in a wheelbarrow just to waddle around.

Alfredo "Sauce" Saucinski said...

I am making sure to follow all of the Tips of Gaining and I have made the best progress! This is also true of my lovely wife Gertrude, who has gained 60 pounds already. And she's not even pregnant! She used to think she would have to get pregnant to gain this much weight but now we can see that Fat Bastard and the Belly Boy have an alternative and we would like to formally thank you Mr. Bastard for helping us achieve our sexy dreams of morbid obesity.

My wife now weighs 160 pounds and is looking forward to reaching 300 pounds by year's end, when we will be meeting her family for Christmas and they will be so shocked to see that she weighs 3 times what she used to!

I myself am looking to up things to around 200 pounds and stay at that weight, since I still want to be able to bone Gertrude.

We are both from Europe.


Fat Bastard said...

@ Alfedo,

You won't be "boning" her. You will be porking her until you both get too fat. Then you will have to do the licky licky sucky sucky thing. If she still want to get porked she will need to find a skinny guy like Proud FA to lay the dick to her.

After a while your sex drive will wane as you estrogen levels increase and you testosterone levels will drop. This won't happen with all fatling males such as me Fat Bastard. I have the balls of a stud boar. Teddy Bear has totally lost his libido because his belly has crushed his nut sack.

With Belly Boy his fat has formed a cocoon that protects his testicles.

The best advice I can give new gainers is the mantra of the Dean of Feederism Proud FA FAT FATTENS BEST so FEED with FAT!

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard:

My favorite photo is the 9th one down, the one with the fat lady wearing the dark blue shirt and the light blue faded jeans, standing next to her car.

I love her huge magnificent belly that hangs down to her knees! That is one great big beautiful belly! I am envious!

I hope some day that I will have a huge belly just like the one in the photo.

In fact, I want to have an even bigger belly that will hang down even lower, down below my knees, pressing down on top of my shoes!

Yeah! I know that in the past, I have said that I'm envious of you apple-shaped obese guys, because your upper-belly above the groin area can get so huge that it hangs down over the groin and down over your thighs, so that it's impossible to find shirts large enough to completely cover your belly, and you wear smaller pants that slide about half-way down on your ass, so that you get to go around out in public showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack!

Also, you apple-shaped guys are still able to get an erection, even if your upper belly hangs down over your groin and down to your knees, you can still get an erection with your penis pointing upward into the skin-fold between your upper-belly and groin, and you can even ejaculate into the skin-fold.

True, when your huge upper-belly hangs down to your knees, it becomes physically impossible to have sexual intercourse, but you can still get an erection and ejaculate into the skin-fold where your upper-belly hangs down over your groin.

On the other hand, we pear-shaped obese effeminate sissy-boys, we get that huge groin area below the waist that hangs down to the knees or even lower, so that, not only does it become physically impossible for use to have sexual intercourse, but it even becomes physically impossible to get even a partial erection!

And that is what I hope to achieve someday, to have a really huge lower-belly, that huge groin area below my waist to become much larger than the one in the photo and to hang down even lower, almost down to my feet!

I love becoming asexual and impotent!

I love becoming unable to have sexual intercourse!

I love becoming unable to get even a partial erection!

That is what I hope to achieve!

BELLY BOY said...



@Alfredo, I disagree with Fat Bastard. If you stay under a certain weight level you will still be able to have sex, even most 300 pound men can still have sex. (Fold sex still counts as sex.) Two hundred pounds is still thin enough at most heights to be able to have regular vaginal penetration, and your soon to be SSBBW will become insatiably lusty as she crosses over The Divide (aka the 300 lbs mark.)

Anyway everyone, I have some important news for you all. I, Belly Boy, am going to become a father!

Yes, that is right, I got a woman pregnant. She just turned 18 when I got her pregnant. She took care of my Belly Boy Desires with her pointer and thumb, and smeared some of the resulting Belly Boy Juices into her as a lube, which was all we had available for lube, and I used my hand on her.

I thought she wouldn't be able to get pregnant since we didn't have sex, but she is now saying that she is pregnant and that I will be the father, which scares me because I worry about having to pay her child support out of my Social Security money. My $2,000 per month is for ME, nobody else!

I am really upset and worried about this, but I also think that it is possible that Rev. Lard Ass could be the real father, since he bangs her pretty much every night, but I think he uses (Magnum) condoms so I don't know. But Big Lard Ass is telling me it's my child and that I will be responsible for the child support.

I am majorly bummed out.

So I've turned to eating, and have been packing on the pounds.

Fat Bastard said...

OINK OINK OINK Belly Boy and Teddy,

Teddy may not be the biggest gainer but you gotta love that classic nancy boy fat boy shape. clASSic!

It looks like Belly Boy will be passing out cigars. Have the mom eat eat eat eat eat so that the baby is so fat that the doctors can't tell its gender. So instead of passing out cigars that say, "It's a Boy or It's a Girl have the cigars read, It's a FAT (Fat Androgynous Thing)

Jamie boyko said...

hi does anybody know who the buxom lady in blue is the huge one standing by a car?let me know

Fat Bastard said...

Jamie I don't know her name. I only know her majesty.

Fat Bastardo said...

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