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Friday, May 27, 2011

If you were the executioner how would you kill Casey Anthony?

There are some real pieces of shit in the world but I think Casey Anthony takes the cake. This little slut has no accused her own father George Anthony of molesting her so that she can weasel out of getting convicted of killing her little daughter Caylee Anthony. It didn't work for Susan Smith who really was repeatedly raped by her by Republican Christian stepfather. This bitch Casey Anthony will get convicted and face execution. Florida has lethal injection but I, Fat Bastard thing that is too merciful for that evil cunt.  Nancy Grace calls her Tot Mom but I, Fat Bastard call her Twat Mom.
Here are some ways I, Fat Bastard would kill that murdering slut.

I would take a long fucking time.
I think I would put her in an arena and Proud FA and I along with Belly Boy would use use low power Daisy Red Ryder BB Guns and ping her to death for days and days.
I'd water board the slut until she dies from fear.
I'd beat her to death with a bullwhip.
I would put her in a large cage and sic a gaggle of angry geese and a couple of pugs on her.
I'd slowly put her though a Tomahawk chipper shredder feet first.,%20Maluku,%20Knil,%20New%20Guinea,%20Untea/1953%20Dodge%20Power%20Wagon%20Crew%20Cab.jpg
I'd drag her behind a Dodge Power Wagon.
I'd hang her like a piniata and have some Mexicans beat her.
I'd throw her in a room with millions of angry hornets.
I'd make her lick the Fromunda out of all of Belly Boy's fat folds.
I'd get an angry fat guy like Hoss Cartwright to pummel her.
This one is almost to cruel even for Casey Anthony. I'd make her stare at Nancy Grace until she vomits herself to death!

How would you kill this heartless bitch?


Camille said...

This woman is truly more disgusting than anything I've seen in a long time. First I would rip her clit off, fry it and force feed it to her. Then I would snip off every finger and pull out every hair strand by strand. Then I would cut off all limbs and her boobs so she would drown to death just like her poor beautiful baby girl.

Teddy Bear said...

OK everybody!!!

I got to be honest here.

I don't believe in torturing prisoners. If this contemptible is guilty of murdering her child, then just execute here quickly and be done with it.

This is America, and we Americans do not torture prisoners. At least we didn't after Bush became president, the we began stooping down to the same level as all these other third world countries.

Torture is what Christians like to use, and have used on innocent people, like, from back in the middle ages from 1200 through the 1600s and up to about the 1850s, like, the Inquisition.

Isn't that right, Galileo!!!

No, civilized countries don't use torture.

Just execute her and be done with it.

Speaking of Inquisition . . .

I'm working on my second YouTube Channel.

It is Titled . . .

EVOLUTION! Doing My Part To Piss Off The Religious Right!

BigFatHeretic's Channel

I have many videos on Science, Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Paleontology, and Evolution, including the controversy over Evolution vs Creationism.

This evening I'm going to be adding a 20 video series about The Inquisition.

That's why I'm against torture.

In my new channel, my Favorites and my Playlists will be better arranged.

Anyway . . . . .

I got to get back to work on my new channel.

Catch you all later.


Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Dear

Teddy Bear said...

Whoops! Typo!!!

That was suppose to be Teddy Bear!

This is embarrassing!

Fat Bastard said...

Camille, I like your style. This bitch is in the same league as Dahmer and Gacey.


You are such a gentle soul and you are probably right but I think that while the death penalty is not usually a deterrent for psychopaths like Casey it will send a message.

I'd like to lynch her and then let her down for a moment rinse and repeat.

I'd like to hit golf balls of her face.

I'd like to turn on every pain center in her brain all at once.

Salvatore Balsciaca said...

Dudes, what about that chick who killed her kid in a MICROWAVE?
She got life imprisonment.

Anyway chicks never get the death penalty, so I'm sure Casey Anthony wouldn't either. Plus, she's too sexually attractive for them to execute. The jury won't convict someone who looks hot, this isn't Italy, where they convict hot American girls even if they're innocent. In the US, hot chicks go free if they're innocent, OR if they're guilty.

Ugly fat men, on the other hand, we get the shaft.
In prison, being fat is considered feminine, and therefore you become a target of rape if you are white, fat, or short, unless you get in with a gang. So the important thing for fat men in prison is to get into a powerful gang, although to get in, you would probably have to commit enough crimes that you would never get out of prison, so it wouldn't be worth it if you had to do things that would add to your prison sentence.

You can also get HIV in prison from being butt-raped, and in US prisons slavery is common. The whole process is called being "turned out", which is the process of becoming a "bitch", aka a man for other men to fuck, but in prison that is not considered gay because the bitch is not considered a man.

A punk is someone who has had sex with a man or been raped by a man, and who is trying to resist becoming a bitch. He can avoid becoming a bitch by gaining the protection of a powerful man, who will protect him in exchange for sex. However you then become his property, and can be sold to other men, or even rented out for extra income, giving other guys blowjobs for a few cigarettes, and that kind of thing, so the big difference is that at least you aren't getting beaten up.

Finally, there are sissies. These are men who become woman-like, dressing up like a woman, long nails, etc, in an effort to be as feminine as possible. Yes, you have to have lots of gay sex, and you'll probably get HIV, but that's another route you can go.

The punk is the lowest on the totem pole, except for snitches. Those are people who collaborate with the prison guards; they are the ones most commonly murdered, along with Soldiers/Men in gang wars.

There are only two states that separate prisoners who are HIV positive. So in the other states, you will eventually get HIV, most likely, if you are not properly protected when you go to prison. For women it's a lot easier since there is little to no risk of HIV, although on the other hand you're more likely to be raped by one of the guards. If you do, you should try to save any of the semen you can, preserve it, until you get out of prison, and then come forward and accuse the guard of rape, and he will get convicted and go to prison himself. There are states where it is an automatic life sentence without parole, even if it is consensual, for any guard who has any type of sex with any prisoner.

I, Belly Boy, am an expert on prison life, having read several books on the subject. OINK OINK OINK!


Fat Bastard said...

Belly Boy aka Sal the Whale,

I don't think they could rape me Fat Bastard but they might try to rape somebody like Teddy Bear. If some fucker tried to corn hole me I'd shit all over them and if some fucker f tired to get me to blow him I'd bite of his dick cook it and serve it to him on a toasted bun.

I don't think they are gonna give that cunt Casey Anthony the death penalty either. There are to many people in the Florida prison system that want to fuck her and there are a fuck load of fat lezbos who would like to eat her tasty little taco.

I, Fat Bastard am a horny fat fucker but I don't find her attractive. He mom is a bit MILFish but Casey's face would make a train take a dirt road.

She'll probably turn dyke in prison and have the time of her life. I can see it now. Some big fat NAAFA style diesel dyke will pimp her ass out to the other dykes.

BELLY BOY said...

Oh crap, I typed my real name by mistake!

Well Fat Bastard, I hope that they would not be able to rape you but the reality is that anyone could be a victim in the world of prisons.

A gang of 6 guys with knives attack you in the showers, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Another 2 guys you can't see are outside to watch out in case a guard comes, but the reality is that rape is used as a method of calming the more aggressive prisoners by letting them have their own slaves. I think this is totally unfair because rape should not be part of your punishment, and it's especially unfair that basically non gang type people get punished much more harshly because they are the ones getting raped.

You would have one good shot at avoiding getting raped, though, Fat Bastard. What you would have to do is put on some extra weight, until it got to where your rolls and folds would make it very hard to easily gain access to your booty. Then the other thing you would need to do would be to gather up a group of fatlings and start your own new gang. A gang of fat men only.

However, you should exclude all Chesters from your group. (Chesters are child molesters,) as well as rapists.

Many prison gangs have a "blood in, blood out" policy, which means that in order to join you must spill a rival gang member's blood, and that in order to leave you must die.

The Fat Gang would need to have its own equivalent, the Poop In, Poop Out policy. In order to join you must eat your own poop, and in order to leave, you must eat the poop of every other member of the gang. Alternatively, you must provide a total of $200 worth of food from the concession area to join, and to leave you must provide a total of $1,000 worth of food from the concession area.

The Fat Gang would use the Body Hiding Method of storing things, unlike other gangs that wear heavy coats even in the summer to store their stuff, the Fat Gang would stroll around in shorts, shirtless, and would hide things in their rolls, because that is how they roll.

The Fat Gang doesn't concern itself with the drug economy of the prison world, instead, it raises money by overseeing gambling operations. They don't engage in prostitution, or slavery either. They don't smuggle in any type of illegal drugs, and instead focus their profits solely on food.

Prison concession areas have the best foods. All of them are very high in calories, which is great. Some of them will focus on pumping some iron, but since we will not have access to the weights - the other gangs will - they will instead bench press each other. The musclelings will become the strongest people in the entire prison and soon nobody would fuck with them.

to be continued...

BELLY BOY said...

But anyway - yeah, it's sad but anyone could be raped in prison.

For women there is not really the concept of being "turned out", but exclusive relationships are common. Some of them are not even sexual, but it's for companionship and emotional bonding, which women need more than men.

You should go watch the movie "Turned Out" on YouTube right away, it is very interesting. It has the story of Mr. Mendenhall, and I felt sorry for him even though he seems to have committed a terrible crime. He is a sex slave they call Mindy at Limestone Correctional Facility, which is considered not that bad of a prison, but it has sex slaves so I think it's pretty horrible. The warden admits on tape that things like drugs in the prison is not ideal, but that it keeps order, so it's okay. I don't like that attitude. All prisons should be free of illegal drugs, and free of rape.

If the punishment for crimes is going to become rape, then that is inhuman and disgusting and evil. Even if that were going to be the punishment, then you would just then hire a Professional Rapist, have that be a new government job, and have him rape people for a living, and give him a pension and health benefits and stuff like that. Break it down by penis size, so that maybe the Ghetto Kid would be the most extreme version, and then Mr. Chow from The Hangover Part II would be the least extreme version.

By the way, I saw the Hangover Part II, which was nice. Zack Galafanakis or whatever his name is is fat, but not nearly fat enough. He should have gained at least 100 pounds for the role. I was disappointed that he didn't gain enough weight to really pull off the role properly - they should have given it to me instead.

I saw the first The Hangover because I thought it would be about rolls of fat hanging over one's pants, but it turned out to be different but still pretty great.

Let me treat you all to a rap.

Rape is bad
But grape jelly donuts are rad
Dunk them in your coffee
Then go eat some taufe
Mix in some truffles
Now starts the troubles

Cuz we runnin' out of food and it's too hard to ignore
All them hunger pangs comin', make us stomp on the floor
Let's get some better food rolling right up to our mouth
Let's get it in my belly now cuz this shit has to just go south


PS Dammit, why did I use my name before? Ugh. I guess you all know who I am now.

Teddy Bear said...

OK, everybody, like, seriously!

There is a good reason why we should not torture prisoners, especially war prisoners, but it should also apply to civilian prisoners as well.

Here is a link to a YouTube video.

Why we do not torture prisoners.

Uploaded by AntiCitizenX on May 26, 2009

Why America does not (or at least should not) torture.

Abuse of prisoners leads to a bad reputation. Bad reputation leads to enemies choosing to fight rather than submit under the fear of meeting the same fate. Needlessly fighting enemies who could have been convinced to surrender then leads to needlessly dead Americans. Therefore, abuse of prisoners leads to needlessly dead Americans.

A little off-topic from atheism, but apparently no one in the media seems to understand that torturing prisoners is the moral equivalent to eating babies and trading slaves.

When the Bush administration was using torture by water-boarding prisoners, all this did was to put our troops in even more danger when they were over in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A lot of soldiers died, who otherwise would NOT have died, thanks to that treasonous bastard, President Bush.

And the torture of jail inmates who might have been wrongly accused of crimes they didn't commit, if tortured, it might cause them to confess to something they didn't do, just to end the torture.

I urge everybody here to watch that video.

Torture is not a way to arrive at the truth. It never was.

Of course, the Bush Administration called it "Enhanced Interrogation" which is just a white-washed euphemism for torture.

No, torture is something used by third world banana Republics, and was used by the Catholic Church only a few centuries ago.

When the USA uses torture on war prisoners, then, we are just sinking down to a lower level,and then, we are no better than the enemy.

And the use of torture in American jails is no better.

I prefer collecting scientific forensic evidence, like DNA samples, etc. etc. to find out whether or not someone is either guilty or innocent.

Sorry, but the use of torture is both ignorant and unscientific.

Now, I do favor the death penalty for murder, especially the murder of little children.

But the guilty person should be dispatched quickly, in a civilized manner.


BELLY BOY said...

Oink oink!

This big piggy thinks that if someone is going to be executed, then they should not be tortured to death, no matter how evil they were or what horrible things they did.

I think the best way is to use the National Razor, aka the guillotine.

The French have lots of awesome technology and the National Razor is one such device. They also invented crepes, croissants, French Roast Coffee and other things like that. Ironically they didn't invent the French Fry.

So anyway I am agreeing with Doctor Bear on the subject of the styles of executions being non-torturous.

Also I want everyone to know that the government is changing the Food Pyramid into a new system, which looks like a pie chart.


Fat Bastard said...

Casey Anthony deserves a horrible death. She will have fun in prison. Some big old dyke will munch her rug all day and all night long. Where is the justice in that?

Caylee deserves justice. Sending her mother to a prison full of fat dyke with talented tongues is not punishment.